Chapter Twenty-one

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I try to call Grayson for the millionth time only to find the same answer on the other side of the phone. His voice asking for a message. Why won't he pick up? Was I being too clingy?

Maybe a little. Ever since the cheating was brought up by Brooklyn I couldn't get my mind off of it. It ate at me for a few weeks before I talked to him. He said what I hoped he would. He didn't cheat and that was Spencer leaving with a girl.

I took that as the truth and didn't question it further. I mean yes it didn't make sense because Brooklyn was with Spencer, but I don't want to ruin my relationship.

I never even realized how much I would compare my relationship with Brooklyn's. She always got what she wanted. Sure, I loved her, but I don't think it is right to play with Liam. I don't know why I get so protective over him. I mean I used to like him, but that was before they got engaged. Once the ring was on the finger I had to back off. Brooklyn was my best friend. I didn't want her to find out I was secretly in love with her fiancé that she seemed to not like as much. Man, she has a complicated relationship.

It didn't help that she asked me to cover for her when she went to New York. That left room for feelings to come back when I hung out with him. We watched a movie and ate at a couple of restaurants. I just don't understand why I am so attracted to him.

I try to call Grayson again, only to get the same response. I will just go to his apartment and see him. He probably lost his phone or forgot to charge it. I can't help, but let my mind think the worse as I grab my keys and walk out the door.


I arrive outside the familiar brick building and see Grayson's door. My fingers play with the key he gave me before I put it into the door and twist. The door opens smoothly and the lights are dimmed.

I remember the kitchen where he would cook breakfast every morning for me. The living room we would spend the evening together. I love this boy. I love Grayson. I'm going to tell him this when I see him. Just where can he be?

I hear a sound coming from his bedroom and begin to walk towards it. I don't understand why he would still be in bed since it's two in the afternoon.

My hand holds the doorknob and twists. The room is dark until a face is turned towards me. Grayson's face. His face becomes pale and his eyes widen.

Another face catches my eye. Her hair was dark and she was underneath him...

My mind can't comprehend what was going on before my legs moved. They moved so fast that I was out the door in a matter of seconds. My vision is blurry with the tears that won't stop falling.

A hand traps my wrist as soon as the outside and I turn around to see Grayson. He was now in a robe.

"Leave me alone!" I shout.

"It's not what you think," he whispers.

"What I think is you cheated on me. I believed in you. I loved you!" I cry and yank my hand away from his grasp.

Before he could say anything else I throw the key at him and run to my car.


Bright neon lights shine in my face as I walk through the club doors. Normally after heartbreak, I would eat a tub of ice cream, but now I'm walking to a dance floor. Shots of tequila fly down my throat and the burn makes me laugh.

I then start to dance like I never danced before. My hips wave from side to side and try to break out of the tight red dress I was wearing. Two hands come down on them and sway me from side to side. I turn around in my heels to see a Greek god. His hair was a dirty blonde that complimented his blue eyes. They bore into mine.

Before I knew it, we are in a conversation andthat leads to us driving to his house. Was I drunk? Hell yes but I was soberenough to know what I was doing and what my mind needed. It needed a releasethat I was surely going to get.

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