Chapter Eighteen

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It has been a few days since the passing of Duane King. I flew back to Florida while Spencer stayed back to help prepare for the funeral. I can't imagine how hard the passing of his dad has been on Spencer. He loved him and worshiped the ground he walked on. The thought of Spencer crying right now hurts my heart and I can't be there to help him through this. I know he tries to put up a stone wall and he wants me to think he has it all figured out, but inside he is struggling to stay afloat.

On other news, I am meeting up with Tori to talk about the whole Spencer situation. I may be able to clear my head and make the right choice after today.

A bell above the door signals I entered Cal's Café and right on cue I spot Tori. I make my way over to her and see her with two cups. One for me. One for her.

"I told you I would pay for the next coffee," she smirks.

"Thank you," I tell her with a smile.

"Okay, what was that text about?" She questions.

"Cutting the corners of saying hello I see." I give a nervous smile.

She notices I am trying to get off topic. I can see it in her eyes.

"Don't bullshit with me, miss. I know something is up." The smirk falls back on her lips.

"Okay, I was with Spencer," I whisper.

"Someone must have died if it was that important," she chuckles.

I don't reply and only look down at my drink, keeping a straight line on my lips.

"Wait," she pauses. "Did someone die?"

Just on cue, the TV makes a loud noise signaling the news is on. Suspecting that this is the funeral, I point over to the screen and she watches.

I am right and a picture of the family at the burial. Spencer's face is the first face I notice. Tears fall carelessly down his cheek as his eyes stay shut. Baby, please down cry. It pained me seeing him cry.

Michelle stood beside him. For being a widow now, she was doing well. Only a few tears now and then. Another face I hear about, but never saw him, stood beside Spencer. Tristan, Spencer's brother, had tears coming out of his eyes and wiped them away with a tissue. My eyes wander back to Spencer and I see his eyes are now open and bloodshot. He looks at the camera and a spark of anger flashes through his eyes.

At this point, I don't get why the cameraman doesn't leave the family to grieve. Why do they need to be front and center all the time?

At this point, I turn to look at Tori. Her eyes are wide with fear as she turns to look at me.

"I'm sorry I didn't know," she stutters.

A moment of silence passes between us.

"How is he doing?" She asks.

"As good as he can do right now. He just lost the one person he looked up to the most. It will take some time," I say.

"Well at least he has you as a friend," she smiles.

"Well... About that," I mumble.

"No. No. No. Brooklyn, you have a fiancé that loves you. You better not be cheating," she says with no emotion in her voice.

"It was one kiss," I pause. "Maybe times four."

"Brooklyn!" She shouts and all eyes of the people around us fall on us.

"You're no better. You're staying with Grayson after he cheated. Also, it's not like we had sex," I whisper.

"Still you should save that for your future husband," she whispers back.

I stay silent and wait for her to connect the dots. Think Tori.

"Wait," she pauses. "You and Liam haven't done the deed?"

"No," I say embarrassed.

"It's not like I thought about it. I have, but every time I let myself say yes it makes me think I will get pregnant again," I mumble.

"Condoms. Birth control. Simple."

"Condoms break. Birth control is a pill I have to remember. Not simple," I reason.

"Well still don't go hurting Liam," she comments.

Her mouth goes in a frown and her hands play with the cup in front of her. There is something she is keeping from me and I will find out what. She always tells me what she is thinking whether that being feelings or problems.

"I just need to get Spencer out of my system. I know it is horrible, but how am I going to go through with a marriage if I can't even stop thinking about him. Liam and Spencer are kind of like peanut butter and jelly. The peanut butter is the healthier option, but jelly tastes better," I shrug.

"Brooklyn, we are talking about human feelings, not snack foods," she laughs.

"I get what you're saying, but on the serious note. Peanut butter sandwich or jelly sandwich," I smile.

"I thought we aren't comparing guys to snacks," she laughs.

"No, I'm really hungry and can't cook to save my life," I reply seriously.

"Let's just go get something before you burn your house down," she chuckles.

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