Chapter Twenty-two

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My eyes squint at the light that peeked through the sheer white curtains. It blinds me and I roll over as I try to escape the sunlight. That's when I bump into a rock. A very hard rock, not going to budge, rock.

Oh dear god. Don't tell me.

With wide eyes, I peek under the sheet that was currently covering my very naked body... I think I'm going to hurl.

I turn to look at whomever I was sharing the bed with and my heart stops. Spencer is currently not clothed and fast asleep.

What am I going to do? Run? How can I be so careless and on top of that... a huge cheater. I not only kissed this boy a few times but now I had sex with him.

Why does it feel so right to be with someone even though society says it's wrong? It's as if the person you want to be with has more wrongs than rights, but I just can't overcome the need and want for them.

I let out a frustrated grunt as I get out of the warm sheets. I get dressed without waking him up and quickly grab my phone.

Spencer turns in his sleep. I take this time to admire him.

His face is glowing from the sunlight that casts on it. He looked so peaceful when he slept. I couldn't resist brushing my fingers over the rough stubble that looks to not be shaved in a week. I hope he shaves. He looks better when his face is smooth.

My phone buzzes and Spencer turns again. I don't want to wake him so I walk quickly out of his bedroom. My phone buzzes again and this time I look at it.

The first text read: Gray and I are over.

I then read the second text: I just did something very stupid. Where are you?

I run out of Spencer's apartment and to my car. What am I going to tell my best friend? Yeah, I was just gone because I decided to have sex with my ex-boyfriend even though I have a fiancé that doesn't know that. That will be hard to break to her. Maybe I will try to avoid the details.

My car guides down the road smoothly and my thoughts go wild in my brain. I am a fucked up person that doesn't know what or who I want. I want Spencer physically, but Liam mentally. I hit the steering wheel in anger and the lady in front of me sticks her hand out the window. She must have thought I was honking at her. That unpleasant finger tells me I am right. Wait, that lady is a grandma.

This day just keeps getting better and better and it only is nine in the morning. Joy.


I get to my house in a hurry. I needed to change just in case Tori saw me in the same clothes.

Liam's car is in my driveway once I pull in. Now my mind goes into overdrive as I don't even know what to tell him. Will he freak out once he sees me?

My suspicions on proved correct when I walk through the door.

"Mom, I have no idea where-" We connect eyes. "I will call you back," Liam hangs up the phone.

"I was so worried. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come off like that last night." He embraces me in a hug.

I wrap my arms hesitantly around his torso as a frown plays on my face.

"Liam it's okay," I mumble.

"Where were you? I was here all night waiting for you. Where were you?" He questions.

"Just at Tori's," I lie. "Speaking of Tori. She is coming here in about five minutes. Can you give us a few minutes?"

"Yeah. I probably need to talk to my mom anyway. She sounded pretty freaked out when I thought you went missing," he whispers.

He kisses me on the cheek before he walks out the door. At the same time, Tori bursts through the door looking like a complete mess.

"Did you come from the woods?" I laugh.

Her face shuts me up in an instance. Why is she frowning? This is probably about

"What's wrong?" I whisper.

"Grayson and I are over," she cries out in a whisper.

"Why did you guys split?" I ask.

"If you saw Liam's dick in another girl would you end things?" She glares.

"No," I gasp.                 

"Unfortunately, yes," she sniffles.

"Maybe it wasn't him?" I say.

"His apartment, his bed, and he ran after me. I know what his face looks like."

"I understand, but if I may ask. Why do you look like a wreck?" I question.

"I could say the same for you," she pauses and looks at me from head to toe. "I made a stupid choice."

I raise my eyebrows at her in response. Whatever she did can't be as stupid as what I did.

"I did too," I mumble.

"Okay, it can't be that bad. I made a huge mistake," she groans.

Then it got me thinking. Did I fully regret sleeping with Spencer? I find myself not saying yes to that question.

"Okay, on three say what we did at the same time," I say.

"One." I hold up a one on my finger.

"Two." I hold up two fingers.

"Three," I say finally.

"I slept with a random stranger!" Tori Shouts.

"I slept with Spencer," I say at the same time as her.

Tori's eyes go wide.

"You what!" She screams.

"It was in the heat of the moment. I was very well pissed off at Liam and I don't know. It just happened," I cry out.

She looks puzzled and can't even utter one word.

"Oh come on. At least he wasn't a stranger. Now, who is this mystery man?" I reply.

"One, I am not engaged. Two, I have no idea," Tori says.

A ding kills the conversation and we turn to each other wondering what it is.

"It's not mine," I say.

Tori looks down at her phone and gasps.

"Found mystery man," She whispers. "Had fun getting to know you in all sorts of ways. –Dillon."

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