Chapter Thirty-three

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I am rolled smoothly down the hall in a wheelchair. I wanted to walk to see Liam, but the doctor forbids it as he didn't want me collapsing of dizziness. I see what he means as I see four nurses that look the same. I don't know if they are quadruplets or the same person.

Gloria is the person that is pushing me down the well-lit hallway. She is going at a slow pace so I don't get too dizzy. There were a few times that really got me and I almost puked. Like being in that elevator. That made me want to close my eyes.

We get to a door that reads the number one hundred twenty-six. He's here. On the other side on this door. I get excited at the fact that a thin piece of wood with a doorknob is separating us. I want to see his handsome face, I want to hold him. I want to tell him I love him and mean it. Do I mean it? Of course, I do. Otherwise, I wouldn't have said yes when he asked me to marry him.

The door opens slightly and he is laying on a bed staring at the TV that sits in front of him. A creaking sound that comes from the door makes him look towards me. He smiles as his eyes meet mine. It is such a warm, caring smile.

Gloria wheels me over to him and immediately his hand is holding mine. Not wanting to let it go. His hand is cold compared to Spencer's warm palm. Why am I still thinking about Spencer?

"I will be outside if you need anything else," Gloria says before walking out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

"I've been waiting for you to wake up ever since last night. I was starting to get worried." He squeezes my hand.

"I'm here now," I whisper as tears prickle in my eyes.

Today has been a very emotional day and it is only ten in the morning. First waking up after a day, ending things with Spencer, and now seeing Liam.

"I know." He whispers back and a finger comes up to catch a tear as it falls gracefully down my cheek.

"Please don't cry." He says and his eyes begin to water.

"I'm just so happy to see you." I get up and pause as a wave of nausea comes over me when I hug him. He grunts and I pull back fast.

"Sorry," I mumble.

"Nonsense." Liam scoots over and pulls me to his side.

I snuggle into him immediately and take in his scent. He smells like disinfectant. Normally he smells of pine body wash.

He takes my face into his hands, stroking my bottom lip with his thumb. "I'm so ready for you to become my wife in fifteen days."

I don't hesitate as my lips come into contact with his. They feel foreign as we move in sync.

The door bursts open and we pull apart fast. Tori is standing in the doorway panting.

"I rushed here as soon as I heard. Are you all right." She says in a worried voice.

Then, her eyes meet mine and they freeze. She looks like a deer caught in headlights as she stares at me. I don't think she wanted to see me here.

"Hi." She breaths breathlessly to me.

It is a little weird as to why she would be bursting into his room. For all, she knows he could have been sleeping.

"Can I talk to you?" I ask in a rather serious tone as I get up out of the bed. Liam huffs in protest.

I move fast towards the wheelchair which is a mistake as I become dizzy again. Tori moves across the room and helps me into the chair.

"Get some rest. I will be back soon." I smile before Tori and make our way back to my room.


"I was trying to find you, but you weren't here so I assumed you'd be there," Tori says. She is now sitting in a chair that is located beside my bed.

Why do I get the feeling that what she just said isn't true and she was just wanting to see Liam, my fiancé? Why would she need to speak with him?

"I know." I blurt out.

"Know what?" Her eyes widen in horror as if she doesn't need to ask that question.

"That you are pregnant," I state simply.

"Oh." She struggles to find words. "Who told you?"

"Liam," I say in a faint whisper.

"I asked him not to tell anyone." She huffs.

"I should have been the first person you told. We are best friends."

"I know. I just didn't want you to think I was a slut." She looks down, avoiding eye contact.

"I will never think that. Who is the father anyway?" I ask.

"I think Grayson, but he won't pick up his phone and I went over to his apartment, but he isn't there." A tear escapes her eye.

What am I supposed to tell her? Your baby daddy moved across the country? That sounds horrible.

"Well, there is a reason for that," I whisper, not knowing how to tell her.

She glances up at me as if telling me to continue.

"He took an internship in California. He left yesterday." I whisper.

"Oh," Tori says.

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