Chapter Twenty-three

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I wake up feeling cold. Why am I so cold? My hand then searches for her. How come she isn't in bed? I then sit up only to reveal her clothes that were scattered all over the floor are now gone. She left. Do I blame her? I can't even comprehend what happened between us two. It's all blurry. Could it be all just a dream? I know my mind and it couldn't be that vivid. She felt like a cloud. She smelled like roses. God, I love how she smells.

I find myself rolling over to her side of the bed. The side she would also sleep all those months ago. I would get the left, her the right. The pillow smells like roses. I breathe in her scent. I bet I looked like a creep, but I didn't care.

Another thought roles my mind back to last night. She came knocking on my door. I answered and we talked. We talked so much that I bet our brains would explode if one more word was uttered. Most of our conversation was stupid, but then it happened. Brooklyn kissed me. She kissed me hungrily with all the emotion in the world. At that moment I became unaware of my own body. Of all my senses. They were at her order. Doing anything she wanted. She was the queen and I was the loving servant boy.

The way her eyes looked made me even crazier. Her eyes were normally cool blue. The kind of blue that looked inviting on any sunny day. The calming blue in her eyes quickly changed in a dark blue. I could see the desire. She wanted it at that moment.

My mind trails to her touch. Her touch drove me wild. The way her nails dug into my back, just barely scratching, but pressing hard enough to drive me insane.

I love this girl and I don't regret the night we shared. We connected as one for the first time in a long time and I don't regret one moment of it. I don't care if she is getting married. The night we shared confirmed the thought that she still loves me.

A knock on the door pulls me from my thoughts. For the first time in a while, I don't want to face the real world. If it was up to me, Brooklyn and I would stay in that room for eternity.

The knocking on the door becomes louder and it makes me grown. I pull myself out of bed and put on a pair of basketball shorts.

Once I open the door I am faced with the familiar face of my big brother, Tristan.

"Hey, man." He pulls me in a hug.

We pull away and I usher him in.

"So, how has Florida been treating you?" He asks.

"Good, but of course I miss the back roads of South Carolina. New York and Daytona can't even compete with home," I trail off. "Anyways, how is my niece?"

"Isabell is as happy as a newborn can be. She cries a lot of course, but besides that she is adorable." He smiles and then shows me his phone.

His locked screen is a picture of his wife holding Isabell at the hospital. She seems to be sleeping peacefully.

My mind spaces off to the future. God, I hope to have a little Brooklyn running around. I have they have her blue eyes and I won't let anything hurt them. Just imagining two princesses running around makes my heart ache with joy.

"She's gorgeous." I smile.

"Anyways I'm here to talk about the will read." Tristan was at the read while his wife stayed home. She still needs to stay home and be with her child and Tristan insisted she stayed safe at home.

"What about it?" I ask.

"Brooklyn got the company. Well, half of it. Elijah is beyond pissed that a blood relative didn't get it. To be honest, I think he would be pissed even if you got it," Tristan pauses. "What I want to say is be careful. Elijah is known to be a very ruthless business partner. He has about seven restraining orders put against him. On top of that, it was rumored that he murdered the owner of Hilltop Hotels."

"When was that?" I ask.

"It was a couple of weeks after you came here. It didn't work for him since, in the end, his firstborn got the company," Tristan says.

"I don't think he can do anything. Besides, he is in New York currently and Brooklyn said she is signing her portion over to me. So, he can deal with me," I state.

I didn't even notice how white my knuckles were until I looked down at them. The thought of him hurting Brooklyn makes me want to beat the shit out of Elijah.

"All I am saying is watch out. I don't want you or her getting hurt. I think of Brooklyn as a sister. I'm just don't know what he will try to pull," Tristan declared. "Also, once he announced the King Enterprises new owner. Elijah stormed out and was on the phone with someone. I don't know who thought he seemed mad."

"What did he say?" I question further.

"Something about doing whatever it takes to get the half from someone named Brooklyn. He also said go ahead and draw up papers. I am looking to get it in the next week or two," Tristan concluded.

"He won't lay a hand on her or he is dead!" I shout.

"Woah, calm down," he soothes.

"I won't calm down. Elijah is threatening the life of my girl!" I yell.

Tristan notices my comment and his eyes widen. I know that he knows that Brooklyn is engaged, but it doesn't matter. Married, engaged, or whatever the hell she is to that other guy. She will always be my girl.

"Holy shit," he gasps. "You're still in love with Brooklyn. I know that look anywhere. It's the same look I give Ellie every time I see her. Isn't she getting married soon?"

"Does it look like I care? She's not married yet and I swear on my life I will fight for her until the final I do," I announce.

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