Chapter Twenty-seven

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I wake up to find myself in the same clothes I wore yesterday morning. I must have fallen asleep longer than I expected. Glancing at the alarm clock confirms my suspicions as it read five forty-five AM. I was out for a very long time. My stomach agrees as it growls out of hunger.

The sweet thought of strawberries carries me out of bed and into the kitchen. There I see the delicious red fruit and take a few out of the package. That's when I see it. A large orange envelope on my counter. I don't remember putting that there. I also don't remember Tori saying anything about that. What could it be?

I graze my fingertips over the paper and read SIGN written in all caps on the front. My heart drops as my eyes stairs at the bold letters. If this is a sick prank then they win. Whoever would do this knows how to get me.

I then decide to open it. My shaking hands play with the paper and rips it. I then see a white paper enclosed with the sealed walls. I pull it out cautiously and read.

Dear Brooklyn,

I didn't get a chance to introduce myself at the flower arrangements store yesterday. That was rude on my part, but I expected my dear nephew to do that for me. Anyways, I wanted to talk about King Enterprises and the best plan for business. Now, I think the company should be run by myself, a successful businessman, not a young girl that dated my brother's son months ago. I could come down in person to get these signed, but I don't think the face-to-face conversation would be necessary. So, please sign the contract below stating that I, Elijah King, will take a full percentage of King Enterprises. Have a nice morning Brooklyn.

-Elijah King

I sprinted out the door after reading the last sentence. He knows where I live. The worst possible thoughts fill my brain as I drive to Spencer's apartment.


"How did he get in!" Spencer demands after his eyes scan the white paper.

"I don't know," I mumble.

"Did you leave the door unlocked!" Spencer yells again.

"I said I don't know!" I scream back.

"Spencer, she is just as confused as you are. Yelling is only going to worsen the situation." Tristan, who is still in a plaid pair of fleece pants on, sits on the armchair across from us.

"He knows where you live now so we can't take anything lightly anymore. How couldn't you notice the front door opening?" Spencer questions.

"I don't know. I just drank some water then fell asleep after two." I say.

Spencer and Tristan exchange looks then Spencer's worried eyes are faced with mine.

"He drugged the water," Tristan whispers.

I look at Spencer only to see his eyes are on fire and his jaw is clenched. His whole body is tense until I move my hand to meet his. Spencer's fingers immediately intertwine with mine.

"His ass is mine." He growls.

"That explains why it tasted a little chalky," I whisper.

Just as I finished my sentence a buzzing noise cuts through the air. Spencer picks his phone up from the table and concentrates. I notice his body tenses as he releases my hand and gets up.

"Fuck!" He growls.

Tristan gets up and in a couple of strides, he reaches Spencer. He takes Spencer's phone from him and reads it. His face pales immediately.

I get up slowly and grab the phone for myself. Then I read.

Hello, my dear nephew. I thought it was very rude to interrupts our conversation like that, but I would like those papers that I dropped off at Brooklyn's by tomorrow night or hell will break loose.

"He can deal with me. Not my girl." Spencer growls in a faint whisper.

Spencer and I lock eyes for a moment before we both look away. Was that bad that Spencer saying my girl melted my heart?

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