Chapter Twenty-nine

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I begin to climb the steps towards Brooklyn's door. There is a commotion that I hear within the walls. It's a man's voice screaming. Why would a man other than Liam or myself be with her and on top of that why would we be screaming?

I knock on the door, but there is no response. Then I hear her. Brooklyn's cries cut through my ears. They are cries for help.

I bang on the door this time only to get the same response. Come on Brooklyn! Then I hear the man's voice. It sounds so familiar. Where have I heard that voice? Then it all comes to me. That is the same voice I hear when we have a family gathering. The same voice I hear when we get together for Christmas, for Birthdays. It's Elijah.

Adrenalin pulses through me as I kick open the door only to be faced with him. He has her at gunpoint. Blood comes out of her beaten nose. My Brooklyn... Then his finger pulls in to pull the trigger. It is the worst sound I have ever heard. So loud. So deadly.

I look at her only to see her on the ground. Elijah fled out the door leaving just the two of us. I pull her limp body to mine and do everything I can to stop the blood that poured from her stomach. Her eyes fall on mine as time seems to stand still.

"I love you." She whispers before her body goes still and her eyes close.

My sobs become louder as I hold her tight in my arms. Everything is just never enough, is it?

"I love you too." I whimper.

My eyes bolt open at the sound of my phone ringing. That must have been the worst nightmare I have ever had. It was so real that I need to text her to make sure it was not real. I don't know what I would do if I lost her. She is like the puzzle piece that is hard to find, but it is worth it once you complete the puzzle. She completes me.

"Hello," I answer.

"Good morning Mr. King. I was just calling to tell you the contract is drawn up and it currently is in your inbox. I just it signed and scanned then everything will be taken care of." My lawyer says.

"Thank you, Charles. I would be sure to get it signed by noon." I yawn at the end of the sentence then hang up.

A bead of sweat drips down my forehead. The nightmare drifts back in my memory and it makes me shake. Elijah will be dead before he can lay one hand on Brooklyn. I promise on my life.


I am sitting at the café waiting for Brooklyn when Grayson walks in. I still have ten minutes before she is supposed to be here so, I wave him over.

"Hey, man. I haven't talked to you in forever." I smile.

"Yeah. A lot has changed." He says.

"Speaking of that. How are things after the breakup?" I ask.

"I don't like to talk about it, but things are over between us. It is kind of hard to go back to normal after I seriously cheated on her. But, now that that is over I can take that internship in Hollywood. I just got confirmation." He smiles at the accomplishment.

"Congrats! When do you go?" I ask.

"They said it was short notice so, I leave on my flight tonight. I just came here to get coffee." He says.

"Oh. Well, I want to see you back here soon." I respond.

"I will be back in a few weeks for Brooklyn's wedding." Grayson pauses and looks towards the entrance as the bell rings.

Brooklyn comes in the café and begins to look around.

I begin to think about what Grayson said. She won't be mine in a few weeks. She will be with Liam and won't be with me anymore. I will no longer be able to hold, kiss, or touch her again. I am even more determined to fight for her.

"Looks like that is my cue. I'll talk to you later." Grayson gets up and heads out the door. Not before hugging Brooklyn though.

"What was he doing here?" She asks.

"Oh, he is taking an internship in Hollywood. We were just talking before he leaves tonight." I respond.

"Oh." She pauses. "Well, I'm here to sign the papers."

"In such a rush I see." I laugh.

"Yeah, Liam is waiting for me in the car. He is taking me back to my house to get a few things." Brooklyn says.

"Okay, here you go." I give her the papers and a pen.

She signs them quickly and hands them back.

"Thank you. They will be sent to my lawyer tonight." I say as the waiter comes to give me my coffee.

"Can I get anything for you miss?" He asks Brooklyn politely.

"No, I was just leaving. Thank you." She smiles and begins to walk away.

Those perfect teeth framed by the most kissable lips leave me breathless.

"Brooklyn," I speak up and get the attention of her and the other people in the café.

"Yes?" She responds.

I love you.

"Nothing," I mumble so faintly I didn't know she could hear me as she goes out the door.

Ten minutes later I am surfing through my phone until I get a text. It is from an unknown number which I find odd.

I open the message and read. I warned you now suffer the consequences.

My coffee drops from my hand as I rush to the door.

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