Chapter Twenty-four

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"I can never find the right time to tell him about that. I told you I tried at the bonfire, but it hasn't come up since then," I mumble.

The conversation of Tori scolding me quickly turned from talking about our one night stands to the pregnancy. She wants me to tell him now more than ever.

"You need to tell him soon that you were pregnant. If it gets out at the wrong time it may make things worse," Tori says calmly.

"If you found out you were pregnant would you tell Grayson you were pregnant?" I notice a frown made its way onto her face and she stiffens.

"How does it feel to run a multi-million dollar company?" Tori changes the topic.

"I'm signing it over to Spencer," I groan.

I can't deal with the same object that tore Spencer and me apart. A part of me always thinks about the what ifs. What if Spencer's dad never got sick? What if the company didn't tear us apart? What if we would still be together today? All these what ifs are driving me crazy and I can't think with all of them wrapping around my brain.

"Why would you do that? You could be rich," Tori gasps.

"I just don't. Please stop getting into my business. You have a lot to handle right now if we aren't forgetting Dillon," I say in a calm tone. I don't want her thinking I am yelling at her, but Tori has a way of getting into my business.

"I'm being nosy again aren't I?" Tori asks.

I hold up my thumb and pointer finger only leaving a small amount of space in between and say, "A little bit."

"Look I get your reasoning and I will find time to talk to him. I will go right now to his apartment to talk to him. I just hope it won't be awkward," I mumble the last part to myself.

I begin to walk towards the front door until Tori's hands clasp around my wrist. I look back at her with questioning eyes.

"Not like that you're not. Shower now," she demands.

I walk over to the bathroom and lock the door behind me. I quickly turn the shower head to the hottest setting possible hoping it will wash away all the dirt from last night.

The images of last night still play in my head.

Once I knocked on his apartment door he immediately opened the door. We didn't kiss at first. We talked for a very long time then everything just happened. At first, we were slowly creeping towards each other. Then a spark went off. It was like everything fell in line at that moment and one thing led to another that we were in his room. Then, naked under his sheets...

I close my eyes tight and scrub harder. So hard that I wondered if I still had skin, but once I looked down I could confirm that I did.

My skin was on fire by the blazing hot water and I can't take it any longer so, I get out and quickly dry myself off. I can only prepare myself mentally before I see Spencer for the first time since we had sex.


My knuckles tap the wooden door ever so slightly. I was surprised anyone could even hear it, but an unfamiliar face opens the door. He has golden brown hair that matched exactly to Spencer's and the same green eyes. The only difference to this guy and Spencer is he has a little curl to his hair and a light stubble decorates his chin. Then it registers.

This is Tristan, Spencer's brother. I only met him a few times, but he looks so different.

"Hey, Brooklyn." He smiles and engulfs me in a hug.

"Hey, Tristan." I smile back.

"What are you doing here?" He asks as he pulls back.

"I'm looking for Spencer? Is he here?" I question.

Tristan's mouth moves and it makes me think he is going to answer until he comes into view. I try to not make eye contact. I can tell things are still very awkward from last night. At least it is for me.

"Brooklyn?" Spencer questions.

"Hey," I say as Tristan moves out of the way and I walk into the room. "I was wanting to talk to you. It's important."

"Me too," Spencer whispers.

He and Tristan connect eyes and nod. What are they thinking about?

Spencer puts a hand on my lower back and I shiver from the contact. I look up to him trying to find emotion in his eyes but only find them masked over with seriousness. Something important is happening. I know it.

We are seated on the couch and the silence is killing me.

"Look, Spencer, I don't understand why you are like this and it is scaring me, but I need to talk to you."

"Brooklyn, I think your life could be in danger," Spencer mumbles.

"What?" I whisper confused.

"Elijah is the guy that got half of my father's company," Tristan interrupts. "I heard him on the phone saying he will get the whole thing one way or another. He also has a reputation for being a ruthless businessman."

"Please don't scare me like this," I whisper.

"It's not a joke," Spencer says in a stern voice. "As long as he is out there trying to get your half you're not safe. I think you need to stay with Liam for a while. At least until we can see what game he is playing."

"I'm signing it over to you remember!" I shout.

I don't understand why I am so angry. It may be the fact that we shared a very scandalous night and now he is acting like everything is nice and peachy.

"I know, but more than likely he is going to stop that. Just listen to me. Please," he kneels in front of me and puts both hands on my cheeks. They are warm compared to my cold cheeks.

His arms instantly shoot around me pulling my body to his. Spencer's warmth engulfs me and calms my heart, beating smoothly.

"I hope you don't think I forgot about last night," his hot breath tickles my ear, making me shiver.

A beeping sound pulls us from the moment and I look at Tristan's shocked face. Crap. He knows I am engaged.

My face burns red as I look towards my phone. Then my heart stops.

"What is it?" Spencer's eyes widen.

I hold up my hands with shaking fingers and let Spencer read: "I didn't have the chance of meeting you yet, partner. I got to thinking. Maybe, you can let me take over things for a while. I'll send the papers."

"It's from an unknown number. How could he get my number?" I question.

"I don't know."

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