Chapter Twenty-six

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"Spencer please stop," I mumble lightly.

He doesn't answer and still moves fast his grip tightening.

"You're hurting me, Spencer." This time I get his attention. He looks back at me and studies my face and then let's go of my wrist. I hold it with my other hand.

"I'm so sorry. Get in the car. Please?" He walks over to the driver's side and gets in.

I do as I am told and hop into the passenger side.

We are driving down the road in silence until I ask the dying question. "What was that back there?"

"Did he tell you his name?" He questions.

"No," I say confused.

"You just met Elijah King, Brooklyn. He is in town now." Spencer says.

I sit back in my seat shocked. How did I not notice? I was too caught up in the fact that Elijah was creeping me out that I didn't ask his name.

"What does this mean?" I ask

"It means that Elijah now intends on getting the company in person rather than over a thousand miles." His jaw tightens and he begins to drive faster.

"You don't think he would do anything to hurt me?" I question.

"I honestly have no idea. He was rumored to h hospitalize an ex-business partner." He whispers while keeping his eyes on the road. His words make the already compact car feel smaller.

My chest begins to tighten as we drive down the road. I close my eyes securely while I try to make myself calm down. A hand is then placed gently on my thigh. It causes my eyes to open and the tension seeps from my body.

"I won't let him lay a hand on you. Promise." He is now turned towards me. I didn't even notice we got off on the side of the road.

I let my cheek rest in his palm as his thumb strokes my cheek.

"What did I do to deserve meeting you?" I ask my voice breaking in and out with emotion.

"I could ask you the same question, darling." He smiles at me and turns back in his seat. Spencer twists the keys and the car starts. It's a matter of time before I am walking through my front door with only the sounds of Spencer driving off.


My morning has been overall exhausting. My days' worth of errands are now ruined. Not only did I not get the flowers picked ordered, but I also wasn't able to pick out some of the other decorations. I'm just way to frustrated and exhausted to think about anything at this point. All the drama of this morning tired me out. On top of that, I am confused about what I felt in the car. When it was just the two of us I found myself forgetting all about my fiancé and just at that moment everything felt right. All else in the world ceased to exist and we were just young adults in love. I'm falling in love with this man again. Then, it dawns on me- I'm already in love with this man.

I try to shut my eyes tightly so I can make those thoughts stop. I was never the one to cheat. I was never the one in the relationship to be unfaithful, but that is all a lie. I not only kissed Spencer but also made love with him again. I want to throw up just thinking about this. Maybe I should go with my gut. End things with Liam to pursue things with Spencer.

Tori bursts through my door as a tear slides gracefully down my cheek. I wipe it away quickly before Tori could see the pain that fell with my tears.

"What are you doing in bed? It's only two in the afternoon." She plops herself at the end of my king-sized bed.

"I was just taking a power nap. Busy morning." I mumble the last part as I felt tears boil in my eyes at the memory.

"Tell me about it. I had a date with Dillion this morning." Tori laughs.

I sit up with interest. "What did you guys talk about?"

"Just about our past. You know past relationships, memories, and experiences. It was a great talk. I think it is better than the chats with Grayson. I'm completely over him now." She rolls her eyes. "Anyways why was your morning crazy?"

I contemplated on telling the truth, but this was just too big for even me to understand so, I give the basic answer. "I was going to order the flowers, but then I got distracted at the pet store. All those dogs are adorable!" I lie.

"Oh what colors were you-" She pauses and holds up her pointer finger before sprinting to the restroom. It's not too long before I hear the sound of Tori puking so, I run in after her.

"Are you okay?" I questioned, concerned with Tori.

"Yeah, it just is a stomach bug I had for a good week. It will be gone once I see a doctor and get some medicine. I should get going actually." She gets up and walks out the door. I wonder why she rushes out the door like that. With that last thought running through my mind I don't question anything else before my eyes shut and I welcome sleep.

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