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I am sitting on a towel on the beach of South Carolina. The sounds of waves crashing soothe me, but what makes me happy is seeing my husband and daughter running around.

Charlotte is four years old and she is the sweetest child you will meet. I still remember her birth like it was yesterday. It wasn't the easiest thing to go through and defiantly nothing could prepare me for the pain, but Spencer was so helpful. I probably yelled at him more times than I could count, but he never left my side.

Charlotte squeals and I laugh as Spencer picks her up. He is an amazing father.

Better than my dad was. A couple of years ago we got a call saying Nate West died because he overdosed. My relationship was severed years ago with him, but I still went to his grave and said I forgave him. I just hope he and mom are happy together up there.

"Go get mommy," Spencer says and puts Charlotte down.

She runs up to me and sand flies beneath her feet. I almost fall back at the impact of her jumping into my arms.

"Be careful. We don't want to hurt Noah." Spencer says and sits beside me on the towel.

"I'm sorry, mommy." She smiles at me before getting distracted by a bird. She runs off to chase it.

Spencer adjusts himself and sits behind me. I lean back into him instantly as his arms wrap around me and rest on my baby bump.

"How is my basketball player doing in there?" He asks and kisses the side of my head.

"How do you know he will be a basketball player?" I laugh.

"He will be a stud like his dad." He smirks.

"How is your mom doing with the company?" I ask.

Before we got married Spencer signed everything over to his mom. He thought it would be the best and would keep her busy.

"Great actually. She should be here by now. She is very excited to see Charlotte." He smiles.

Charlotte runs back up to us and holds out a seashell.

"Pretty." She laughs.

"Why don't we head back and you can add that to your collection," I say and attempt to get up, but being pregnant and trying to stand up is very difficult so, Spencer helps me.

"Hand," I say and Charlotte hands me her tiny hand. Spencer takes the other hand and we walk back into the beach house together.

"Grandma is going to watch you while mommy and I go out." I look towards him for answers, but all I get is a smirk.


"I don't like this one bit." I am blindfolded as Spencer leads me to god knows where.

"You will like this. I promise." He laughs.

I hear a door open and his hand leads me inside slowly. Then, lights flicker on.

"Where are we?" I ask.

"Take your blindfold off." He says and I do as I am told.

My eyes adjust to the light and I am shocked at what I see. Nothing has changed since I was little. The bookshelves are in the same place and are still full of books. The table tops are still a rustic wood that I loved.

"Spencer." I gasp and look at him.

"I remember you told me your father sold this for money and I did some negotiating. I was able to buy it back for you." He smiles.

"You always told me you wish Charlotte could grow up like you did and now she can come here every day with you." He puts his hand on my stomach. "And now this little one will be able to too."

I look around in disbelief. This is all mine.

"Thank you," I say.

"You've given so much to me, my beautiful daughter and our son that is on the way." He smiles.

Our journey to this day wasn't the easiest. We had our ups and downs but always found a way back to each other. I am just glad that he fought for me until the final I do.

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