Chapter Thirteen

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It has been a week since I last have seen Spencer. He went to New York to visit his mom and father and I don't know whether he is back or not. I couldn't imagine the excitement following the discovery of his dad being tumor free. On the other hand, Liam is on a fishing trip with his father. It's the news I hear about other parents that makes me miss the relationship I had with my own.

I haven't heard from Tori either. It is honestly killing me that I don't know if she and Grayson broke up. Normally, she will come and talk to me, but for some reason, she hasn't contacted me for a week. It is very unlike her.

But, even though I don't have those people to hang out with or my parents, I still have my second mother. Or my future mother in law. Gloria has been there for me when I went through a fall out with my dad. She was the one who also helped me get out of that situation. I can't thank her enough or tell her how much she means to me.

"Liam has talked non-stop about children. He keeps commenting how he hopes they have your eyes," Gloria beams.

At the mention of kids, I tense up. I know Liam wants kids. He mentioned it before, but after my talk with Tori and finally allowing my mind to think of the baby, I don't know when I will be ready to have a child. Part of me thinks it was my fault mine and Spencer's child didn't survive. I should have done things differently and got out of that situation sooner. A part of me will always wonder what would like to be like if I had our daughter or son. Would Spencer and I be together right now? Would we be a happy family?

"Yeah, kids are a conversation he started. I just don't know how soon I want kids. I mean, I would love to travel first and then get locked down, but I don't want to be pregnant right after we get married," I shrug.

"Don't get freaked out about it. I understand not wanting to be locked down right away," Gloria smiles. "Robert and I didn't have Liam until our second anniversary."

"Well, I should get going. This was fun we should do this more often," I say with a smile and I get out of my chair. Gloria gets up as well and hugs me.

"I will attempt to get another day at the café arranged, but Liam never wants to let me have you. Now, that he is with his dad we can finally catch up without him stealing you away," she laughs

I laugh along with her before walking out and hearing the bell signaling my exit.

I soon decide to go to Spencer's apartment to see if he got back from New York. Normally during the time we dated, he texted or called me every time he landed and was back home. Now that we are just friends he doesn't have to do that, but I still wish he would. I wouldn't have to worry about something horrible happening to him.

With courage, I knock on his door with a strong fist and not many seconds later Spencer opens the door. Shit, he is shirtless and in nothing, but grey joggers. My mouth becomes dry as I stare at the sight in front of me. I knew he looked good before we broke up, but my god does he look fantastic now. I can tell working out was an escape for him while we were apart.

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