Chapter Twenty-five

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Time is something that goes on whether you are ready or not. It will leave you in the dust more confused than ever. It doesn't wait for you to make a decision. It just keeps moving. Second by second increases to minute by minute. Eventually, you find yourself looking back on the years that went by in a blink of an eye.

Speaking of time, it's been a couple of weeks since I got that weird text from Elijah. Things have seemed to die down. I never even met Elijah. All I know is he is dangerous and related to Spencer. I don't know if Spencer is blowing this out of proportion or if he is serious. Would Elijah try to hurt me? Or worse. My family...

I find myself smelling the flowers that are in front of me to try and take my mind off of it. There are so many that I can't even decide which ones I want at the wedding. I was thinking of getting pink flowers, but now that I am here I can see all the beautiful flowers.

My eyes then land on my favorite flower, roses. I lazily walk over to them and take one. Breathing in the scent I close my eyes. I love the smell of roses. I then make a note in my head to put some in my bouquet.

"Red roses are my favorite." A man's deep voice makes me open my eyes. I am faced with a tall man that has dark brown hair. It is very curly, but the thing that throws me off is his eyes. They remind me so much of Spencer. I can't believe I am thinking of Spencer right now.

"I love roses. They smell divine." I smile.

"Getting married soon?" He asks.

My eyes widen with his lucky guess. "Yeah."

"Sorry. I just saw the engagement ring on your finger." He smiles back.

"Oh, yeah," I say and begin to walk away.

The mystery man follows me and I begin to feel uncomfortable.

"Your name is Brooklyn right?" He asks.

"Yeah," I say with no emotion.

"I notice you from the news. You are the new owner of King Enterprise's right?"

"Yes," I mumble and walk over to the sunflowers and of course he follows me. This guy won't take a hint. I don't understand why he keeps following me around.

"So, are you going to make the move to New York?" He asks.

"No, I'm signing it over actually. To Duane's son."

"Oh, well how about Elijah King. Why don't you sign it over to him? He is the other partner right?"

I've had it by this point and text Spencer. It doesn't take long for him to reply with an "I'm on my way".

"I never met him." I keep the answer short to try and stop the conversation.

Just on time the bell on the door rings and Spencer rushes in. He then stops in his trail as he stares at the mystery man. I try to read his emotion, but it is masked over by anger. Why is he so angry? Did I do something?

"Let's go," Spencer says in a low mumble.

His hand grabs my wrist and pulls me through the store closer to the door. His grip is so tight I thought my hand would break off. I take this time to look at him. The first thing I notice is that he must have had a lazy day today. That's what the joggers and hoodie say to me.

"Bye Brooklyn," the mystery man says joyfully before we are out the door.

This only fuels Spencer to continue his mission out the door.

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