Chapter Seventeen

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I lay on my bed waiting for my mom and dad to get home from work. I decided to come up and surprise them with a visit, but they are both at work. My dad was at a meeting talking about the café and mom was at the café working. They loved the café with their lives. I also enjoyed going to the family café since books outlined the shelves and it was just a peaceful place to sit.

The home phone began ringing and I rush to it. The caller ID read Myrtle Beach Police Department and I questioned why they would be calling. With curiosity running through my blood, I answer.

"Hello," I answer.

"Hello is this the family of Marie West," a deep voice says.

"Yes," I respond hesitantly.

"I regret to inform you that there was a car accident. Marie West seemed to die on impact. I will need you to come down and identify the body."

My body falls to the ground as he says my mom died.

She died. Was I dreaming? Maybe if I pinch myself I will wake up.

"Brooklyn!" I hear the shout coming from the phone.

"Brooklyn, wake up!" Another shout comes from the phone.

I bolt awake and immediately see Spencer's worried eyes in front of me. A bead of sweat trickles down my forehead as I remember the vivid nightmare. Mom...

"I'm sorry I just had a dream," I mumble.

I then take a good look around the private jet we were on. I must have fallen asleep before getting on here. I guess Spencer carried me. There was a mini fridge in the corner and eight seats were in neat lines with four in each row.

"We are here," he says and grabs my hand. I can just feel him trembling and I immediately put my other hand on top of ours.

"Everything will be fine," I say as we exit the plane.

"I hope so," he whispers.

I think he is trying to make himself believe those words more than me.


The smell of disinfectant invades my nose as soon as we step into the hospital. Immediately Spencer goes to the front desk to ask for his father's room. We get the information and head towards the elevator. Once we step in it is quiet and I can sense the pain Spencer feels right now. I know how it feels.

"Thank you for coming. It means a lot," Spencer says as the door opens.

"You need support right now. Of course, I will be here," I didn't even notice how Spencer's hand had held mine throughout the ride until my hand felt vacant and cold after he released it.

The sight in front of me makes me think the worse. Michelle is sobbing in a chair. Spencer immediately runs towards her and gets on his knees in front of her. Oh, please everything be okay.

I can't help the tear running down my cheek as I think about how much Spencer loves his dad. That's not even his real father, but he loves him so much and Duane loves his son even though it's not his real son. They gave him a life that didn't involve his fucked up mother. They saved him.

"Hello dear." Michelle looks up at me and smiles before shooting a questionable look at Spencer.

I reply with a smile.

"Your father just had a small seizure. He is resting now," she forces a smile. "I think I will wait in the room for him to wake up."

"Do you want to go to a hotel?" I ask once Michelle exits into the room.

"I would rather be here when he wakes up. You can go to one. I'll pay," he says and sits down in the chair Michelle was previously in.

"No, it's okay. I will stay with you," I say with a yawn.

I sit into the chair next to him and my head all off a sudden feels heavy. I end up resting it on Spencer's shoulder. The last thing I remember before drifting off is the soft touch of Spencer's lips on my forehead.



The sound of a very annoying long beep pulls me from my sleep. Doctors begin to rush into the room with carts. The amount of people is overwhelming. What is going on?

"Charge to four hundred," a doctor calls out.

I could hear my mother's cries throughout all the chaos.

"Time of death: ten forty-two," the doctor announces.

Just like that my world crumbles and I am just hoping this is all a dream.

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