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Hello dear readers, it is I, WritersCrafts.
Haha, no. Refer to me as Dusk, WritersCrafts is a bit much wouldn't you agree?

I am ecstatic that you may be reading this, or if not this, then hopefully another chapter of my Craft. That aside, if you've made the (questionable) decision of reading my book, I hope you thoroughly enjoy my characters, their humour, aka my humour, (which is honestly lacking if you ask me), and their story.

I will spare you the usual Wattpad Author spiel and cut this short: please do not copy my work, believe it or not, I did put effort into this and it was quite a draining process, so I would like my credit where it's due. If you do make the bad decision of copying my work, well you should know my daddy's a lawyer and that won't go over too well for you.

I love you my potential readers, thankyou for giving my Craft a chance, and for making me squeal out loud every time the "number of reads" goes up by 1. My sore throat will undoubtedly become a permanent fixture if you lovely beings continue showing your support by reading this book.

Join Alura and Bane on their journey through life, moving, making friends, maturing, law school, and well, life again.

© Copyright 2019.

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