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Dinner had been Adonis and Bane sitting across me, with Bane avoiding eye contact. It had been, suffice to say, awkward.

The food was amazing though. I got pasta, like every other time I go out to eat. Topped with tons of cheese because, cheese. That's reason enough.

Ado and Bane talked aimlessly about the gym, the fighters there, and other sports. I wasn't too interested honestly.

I enjoyed fighting, it probably ranked first amongst my favourite past times. But I enjoyed it when I was engaging in it.

Just not in a sense that my life revolves around it.

By the time we reached the apartment, Adonis let us know he was going over to Jasmines place, leaving Bane and I on our own.

We made our way up, going up the elevator to the penthouse. Emerged in my own thoughts, I ignored Banes presence altogether.

Law school is going to start soon, a couple weeks or so from present day. I've been focussed throughout university just for this, while everyone else partied and didn't stress about what comes after.

I guess it's different for those of us who have to worry about graduate school.

I majored in pre med, because I initially wanted to go into med school after university. I had wanted to be a doctor.

Though that dream died down by the end of university. Sure, I was good at sciences, near top of my class. I just couldn't deal with the hospital setting, which became clear to me through co-op.

By third year I'd then chosen to write the MCAT and the LSAT. And by graduation I'd received offers to both Medical school and Law school, and ultimately chose the UofT Law school.

As my focus shifted to real life, and away from my thoughts, I realized we were in-front of our apartment.

Looking towards Bane, I motioned at the door.

"Go on, I left my keys so..." I trailed off.

Bane let out a sound of acknowledgment, pulling his keys out of his pocket and stuffing them into the keyhole.

He was struggling with it, seeing as his key was newer and less adjusted to the lock.

"You can do it. That's it you've got it champ." I taunted, choosing to tease him.

He turned his head, giving me an unamused look, before letting out a triumphant sound and pushing the door open.

I followed him inside, kicking the door shut behind me. By the time I'd taken off my shoes, Bane was out of sight.

He was probably in the kitchen or the living room. Ignoring his whereabouts, I made my way into the kitchen.

I'm so hungry I could eat a family of cows.

"Would you really now?" Bane mused.

I was confused for a second, before it dawned on me that I had said that aloud. Great, of all the things.

Sighing, I turned to him. "That was meant to be a private thought."

"Not my fault you can't keep your private thoughts in your head, where they belong," he retorted.

"Hey! This one just slipped out." Taking a moment to pause before continuing, "Besides, I probably could eat a whole family of cows, they'd just have to be miniature."

Now looking thoroughly entertained, Bane replies, "Huh, so you're that hungry. Even though, you know, we came back from having food out."

"Irrelevant," I huffed. "Are you talking about the same dinner where you avoided eye and verbal contact with me."

I started smiling, noticing the blush creeping up Banes neck. Good, he should feel embarrassed. Not for the incident, but because he acted like a little kid afterwards. 

"I-it wasn't inten—" He stopped abruptly, narrowing his eyes at me.

"You're smiling. You're just messing with me aren't you." He accused.

"Fine fine, I admit to a fault." I said, raising my hands up in the air.

Laughing slightly, "Live a little O'Neill, it was a joke." I added.

I liked using his last name. It made me feel like we were bro's. Apparently, he didn't like it as much, if his annoyed glare was anything to tell by.

"Can it Moscow," he replied, making his way out the kitchen. He had a bowl of popcorn in his hands.

I don't know how I missed the sound of popping corn. I followed him after grabbing a can of Nestea from the fridge.

Bane had put something on the tv, so I sat next to him on the couch, grabbing a throw with me from the arm chair.

Tugging at his shirt, I got him to look down at my held out pinky. "Truce?" I just wanted some popcorn.

Bane nodded, grumbling, "Fine. But no more bringing up the incident that happened in the change room."

Grinning, I linked my pinky with his. "Deal."

I scooted further towards him, reaching for his popcorn and resting back against the couch.

Feeling the work from today get to me, my eyes started drooping.

It didn't help that Bane was watching reruns of Titans, a series I've watched numerous times in different forms; animated, young cartoon, comic books, and novels.

I tilted my head backwards on the couch, letting my eyes shut.

Still slightly conscious, I was able to feel a warm weight lift my head onto a subtly harder surface, emanating more heat.

Snuggling my head towards the new surface, I repositioned my body, angling myself further into the newfound comfort.

Shortly after, I dozed off completely.

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