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Jasmine had prepared some snacks while Adonis and I had gone to my room.

"Oh good, I was just about to call you two. I made some sandwiches, and got some chocolate milk for you Lure."

"Thank you, you're a god."

She laughed lightly, only to be interrupted by Grey.

"Please don't tell her that Alura, it's going to lead to bad things. Mags will get competitive— try to feed you her concoctions and I assume you'd like to at least make it to Law school."

Ado and Jas laughed, not coming to Maggie's aid, leaving me curious.

Turning to Maggie I asked, "Is your food really that bad?"

She vehemently shook her head, "No trust me, it's amazing— they just don't have superior taste buds like mine and can't handle my food," she replied with a huff.

Ado decided to put her out of her misery, but induced mine in the attempt.

"Don't worry Mags, Lure sucks in the kitchen, she set oatmeal on fire, and that too, the packaged kind that come with full detailed instructions."

His unnecessary comment was followed by a burst of laughter from the lot of them, leaving me to scowl.

It honestly was not my intention to set it on fire, and I thoroughly read the instructions too. I just missed the 'adding water' step.

Being outnumbered, I didn't bother defending my honour. That, and though the oatmeal incident was an honest fault, I otherwise am an entire calamity in the kitchen. 

After the their laughter, joined with Loki's small barks, subsided, I chose to speak up, changing the topic.

"Do you guys have any significant plans for the summer, or what's left of it at least?"

"Not exactly planned out events, though I am interested in making—"

Jasmine had started talking when Adonis interrupted.

"Sorry love, Grey and I just need to discuss something with Lure before she adjusts in our place."

Curious, both myself and Jas, we quieted down, listening to what they had to say.

"Aw come on Moscow, Lu was already—"

I interrupted, "Lu?"

"Don't interrupt me Lu, that's your nickname now, Alura is a mouthful."

I smiled slightly, then motioned him to continue.

Lu wasn't a bad nickname anyway, I've been called Rara before, so I find myself mostly immune to unwanted nicknames.

Adonis continued, disregarding Greys remark.

"Well I have to tell her now, because if her reaction in the car was anything to go by, she might not want to stay here after this."

Now even more curious, I egged him on
"Oh please, it can't be that bad, out with it Ado."

"Okay well" he says dragging out the L, "With Law school around the corner, it's going to be messy working simultaneously, so Grey and I needed help paying off the mortgage. The problem is that though we have you, it'd be less of a strain if we had a fourth roomie."

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