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Bane and I stood opposite each other, wondering what to do.

"Okay what are we going to feed you, Moscow said there's no proper food, so I'm clueless as to what you—"

"Sweets." I interrupted.

Noticing his confused expression, I expanded "I...um, we can check the pantry for goodies?" I ended with a question, my voice getting smaller as I realized how childish I sounded.

Not seeming bothered, more so amused, Bane nodded, "Yeah, goodies seem to be preferable." He replied in an amused tone.

Walking over to the pantry, he scrummaged through the cereals and granola bars, looking for actual sweets.

Making my way to the double door fridge, I called out, "I'll check the fridge and freezer for ice cream or sweets."

Letting out a light chuckle, he "mmm-ed" in response.

Having found no sweets in the fridge, I moved on to the freezer, checking for ice cream.

Disappointment coursed through me as the first drawer lacked ice cream. However, as I opened the second drawer, a pink and blue tub caught my eye.

"Bane!" I voiced out my findings, "I found cotton candy ice cream!"

I moved around quickly, grabbing two bowls and the last spoon remaining in the washer, along with the scooper.

Stacking them on the counter, I turned towards Bane expectantly. Seemingly having just finished with the pantry, he came towards the counter holding a pack of mini white-chocolate kisses, a victorious expression on his face.

"I brought us some friends" He says with a grin.

Letting out a sound of amusement, I gestured for him to take a seat. He pulled out a stool, opting to sit opposite of me. I climbed up onto the counter taking a criss cross position.

Opening the tub, I grabbed the scooper and place two hefty chunks of ice cream into the two bowls.

Pushing the second one towards Bane, I started to dig in, only to have Bane cut me off.

"Hey, sweetness, where's my spoon?"

"Uh, um..." Taking a second to recuperate from the fact that he'd nicknamed me, and that too 'sweetness', I then continued "Sweetness huh?" "And this was the last one in the washer, the rest are put away and I got lazy, we can just share."

Failing to decipher the look on his face, I smiled in content with my fast thinking.

Then, taking a chunk out of my ice cream, I reached the spoon over to his mouth.

Bane, seeming ready to object, was cut off with the spoonful of ice cream getting shoved into his mouth.

I laughed in delight, childish of me, yes, but it was amusing.

The cotton candy colours got on the area around his mouth too.

Realizing that it'll go to waste if he didn't lick it off, my brain cut off all reasonable thought and function and allowed me to reach over and take a quick swipe of the ice cream on his face, gathering it on my finger and popping it into my mouth.

Banes eyes darkened considerably, once again wearing the expression observed earlier, but that quickly changed when I gave him a grin, his expression morphing into one of amusement.

"You have zero control, don't worry I'll go grab another spoon, you finish your ice cream."

Getting ready to refute his statement, I thought on it for a second, and then decided to agree. I nodded, going back to finishing my ice cream.

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