Twenty Six

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A few days had passed since Bane and I's little spat. A few classes had passed by accordingly— and following those classes were a few little dates with Damien.

He had been persistent; asking me out to coffee, breakfast, and dinner. Yesterday, he'd taken me out for a picnic at a ranch of a friend of his.

The whole crew had met him day before yesterday— over lunch, after Professor Percy's class. Grey had brought Loki with him, and Maggie, Jas and Leen had met us at the Pizza Hut, opposite the main campus.

Adonis had warmed up to the idea of him, and Damien charmed the girls— that includes Grey—easily. The only ones who took a dislike to Damien were Bane, Loki— following in his dads footsteps— and Jas.

Loki and Bane were typically overprotective— and strangers to strangers— so I didn't pay heed to their blatant dislike of him.

Jasmines dislike for him, however, surprised me. She was kind and open minded— never judging a book by its cover. Maggie told me to ignore her, claiming Jas has too many absent auras to analyze in her free time.  

I'm relieved though. My friends were my family here, I'd barely gotten time to speak with papa or mama since I'd gotten to Toronto.

I made a mental note to call them both as I made my way out of my room.

Lost to my thoughts, I didn't notice the presence behind me until two large arms grabbed me from the knees, flipping me over their back.

I hit my head against the toned back which I was hanging against, taking in the scent of my capturer and recognizing it as Bane.

"Bane! Animal, let me down."

He only laughed, "I'm giving you a free ride to the kitchen sweetness."

I went limp, draped over his shoulder, letting him carry my whole 120 pounds.

Because of his long legged strides, we reached the kitchen in no time, where he dropped me onto the counter— although carefully so I didn't crack open my thinking machine.

I lay stomach first atop the counter, grumbling at him.

My phone buzzed in my pocket, so I reached for it, swiping it open to check the message.

Hey doll, I'm coming by yr place to pick u up for class. Got a new ride (; C u in a few.


I smile lit up my face, as I texted back a quick reply.

"What're you smiling at Lure?" Questioned Ado's voice from behind me.

I put my phone away, "Nothing!" I sang.

Bane narrowed his eyes at me, "Right...Well get up, we've got to get going, class is in 15– Lure I have a breakfast sandwich with me for you to eat on the way."

"Uh actually, I'm— well Damien is picking me up."

Ado's brows rose, "Oh, he got himself a car?"

I nodded, and turned my attention back to my phone as it pinged.

I lifted a hand in farewell gesture, "He's outside."

Bane grunted, "Catch." He muttered, tossing the breakfast sandwich he'd made me into the air.

I reached to catch it, glaring at him while he returned the look.

Adonis awkwardly cleared his throat, "Yeah, see ya Lura."

Having my mood considerably dampened, I walked out, grabbing my set of keys from the countertop on the way out.

I made my way down, through the main lobby, and out to the drive by in front of the building.

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