Thirty Two

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I recalled the night from beginning to end.

As I reached the point where Damien had revealed his true intentions— Bane abruptly stood up, stepping out of the tub and splashing water everywhere while doing so.

He paced around the bathroom, angrily cursing — quietening down for me to continue— only to start again as I reached another part of the retell he didn't like.

As I finished explaining that Officer Langley had helped take care of it, I looked towards Bane expectantly— to see if he'd relaxed.

"That's it?" He questioned gruffly, raising his voice, "They just took him to the station— yes you filed a report— and you pressed charges— but he could easily be let out on bail— his parents have a name— he could so easily be scratch fr—"

He stopped— noticing the slight shake of my hands.

"Fuck! Fuck. Lure— I was just— he could be out— I didn't mean to scare you."

I shook my head, "You didn't scare me you just—introduced me to reality— of fucking course the Officer wouldn't be able to put him away on assault charges— he'd need me to pursue legal action to further the case."

The legal aspects of the event started flooding in— I'd need to get a lawyer. I know mama had a good one but she's down in Hamilton. I might just find one here.

Bane nodded, hesitantly, still seemingly unsure and silently questioning my mental stability.

I pulled the plug out of the drain, letting the water empty, using my arms to pull myself up.

I gasped at the feeling: the wound on my shoulder stretching uncomfortably, sending a shooting pain down my back. The paramedic at the station had put in dissolvable stitches, as to not leave an obvious scar, but they hurt like a bitch— I hadn't gotten an anesthetic.

Bane quickly leaned over the tub, holding onto my waist— the heat of his hands searing through my damp skin.

"Step out of the tub carefully." He cautioned gently.

With slower movements, I exited the tub, standing on the soft mat at the base of the bathtub.

Bane let go of my waist to grab me a towel, and I felt the immediate loss of warmth, shivers spreading across my skin.

The lengthy soak had removed the dried blood from my body, cleansing the open wounds and cleaning my body of grime.

Bane wrapped the towel from behind me, holding it in place while I removed my soaking bra and panties. I held the towel around me, following Bane out of the washroom and into his room.

He walked into his closet, coming out with a large flannel and a pair of boxer shorts, handing them to me.

"Here— put this on, I'll redo your bandaging."

He turned around, mumbling about a first aid kit, while I dropped the towel, pulling on the boxers first, and then the flannel— not bothering to button it up because he'd have to redo the bandaging on my shoulder and chest.

I sat on the edge of his bed, watching as he came back with the kit in hand.

Bane took out gauze and a cream from the kit, setting it aside, before getting to work on me. He carefully tugged off the soaked bloody bandages—first from my shoulder, then my chest.

He visibly winced upon seeing the bare wounds, eyes storming, before gently wiping away the excess around the wounds.

I sighed in relief as he applied the cool cream with warm fingers, rubbing it gently over the cuts— all the while muttering about my carelessness, and his own for letting me go out with Damien in the first place.

I was starting to feel better, still slightly shaken up— though the shock and fear had worn off— in its place, but much more dangerous, a numbness and anger— primarily directed at Damien.

Bane lightly removed the side of the shirt, baring my skin, holding onto my shoulder to wrap the bandage around it. I was distracted from my thoughts as his nimble fingers worked to wrap the gauze around the wound— first my shoulder, then my chest— warm hands brushing against the skin above my breasts. His trailing fingers leaving a searing path in their wake.

He cleared his throat, stepping away from me, "You should be good for the night now."

I nodded, half-smiling up at him, "Thank you."

I got down from his bed, motioning for him to follow me, "Lets order food?" I asked, walking into the living area and dropping into the large couch.

He grabbed his phone off the counter, making his way towards me, sitting down on my right and grinning, "How's pasta from the Italian place?"

"Do you have to ask?" I teased, smiling and rolling my eyes.

Bane's grin widened, before faltering slightly, "Hey sweetness?" He paused, "You're okay right?"

I offered him a half smile, "There's no reason for me not to be— shit happens."

He looked concerned, but upon my insisting look he dropped it. Instead, he pulled out his phone, dialling the Italian place and ordering for four— I only then realized that Adonis and Grey would be coming back soon— now that I'm physically, and somewhat mentally and emotionally capable of producing coherent thought, they'd want to know what happened.

Bane put down his phone, picking up the remote to put on Netflix— resuming Suits season 7.

I was right by my assumption, because not even 20 minutes of Suits had passed by and the lock had turned— the door swinging open to reveal Ado and Grey.

They both paused conversation and movement upon seeing me— holding the pasta in hand, probably having encountered the delivery guy at the door.

I lifted a hand in a wave, smiling, before continuing watching Suits— wanting to pretend it was all okay.

They exchanged some hushed mumbles before joining Bane and I in the living area.

Adonis sat on my left side, handing me my pasta, pressing a quick kiss to the side of my head, murmuring an "I love you."

I leaned into him, smiling up at him when he glanced down— the support of my brother and other half helping.

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