Thirty Five

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"You were a champ." Adonis stated proudly.

I grinned, rolling my eyes, "Donny I didn't even get called to the stand."

He shook his head adamantly, "Doesn't matter, you're still a champ."

I just smiled in reply, amused. Despite my relief that Damien was put away, I was overwhelmed. Knowing he had been stalking me for the past year and some was nerve wracking— I have a strong intuition, instincts, and reflexes.

I often make something out of nothing— only with Damien I made nothing out of something.

Bane cleared his throat, "Let's get some food."

I nodded, while Adonis shook his head.

"I'm going over to Jas's for the night— crazy woman has now started shopping for costumes for the halloween bash."

I grinned, "Tell her to grab me one if she finds any suitable."

Jas always planned before hand, but with my case and everything that had occurred around it, she had put off halloween.

Now it was only a couple more days till the 31st— we were supposed to go to Sam and Leen's party— they went all out for halloween, from what I've heard.

Bane caught my attention, "You still wanna grab a bite?"

I nodded. It didn't matter that we had enough awkward tension that a steak knife couldn't cut through it. I was just hungry.

I followed Bane through the parking lot, towards his Jeep.

Getting in, I buckled my self in, resting my head back against the head rest— taking deep breaths to relieve myself.

I hadn't noticed Bane had gotten in until he spoke up.

"That's become a habit hasn't it?"

I turned towards him, confused.

"You take deep breaths— to calm yourself?" He elaborated.

I stilled, surprised he'd picked up on it within a couple hours of being back.

I nodded jerkily, exhaling, "Yeah uh... it helps—it slows things down a little."

I didn't like admitting that the incident was still bothering me. I didn't like it at all. I was not weak— I am not weak.

He must have noticed I was uncomfortable, nodding in answer and starting the car— briefly glancing at me before pressing on the gas.

We had arrived at McDonalds.

Bane had played music in the car, lightening the mood— making me sing along to whatever shitty radio songs were on— not like I didn't have all the lyrics memorized.

Bane got out of the car, quickly jogging over to my side and opening the door of the jeep, "Well come on madam".

I rolled my eyes playfully, stepping down from the jeep, before dramatically exclaiming.

"Oh my Lord— is that— is that a McDonalds? Only the finest restaurant in Toronto?"

Bane threw his head back, laughing.

He recovered quickly, grinning, "Indeed it is."

We walked into the McDonalds, joking around playfully— the previous tension long forgotten.

As we ordered the food, Bane gave me a shove, sending me back a couple feet, as he quickly swiped his card and payed for the meal.

I glared at him from where I stood, to which he simply shrugged and grinned.

I rolled my eyes, grumbling, and walked over to a booth to sit down.

Bane joined me 10 minutes later— food trays in hand.

We had both overloaded on the fatty foods— four quarter pounders, two large fries, two pop drinks, and two McFlurry's.

He put down the trays on the table, joining me inside the booth— having previously complained about how chairs bruise his ass.

He shuffled closer to me, his warm hand brushing against the top of my thigh, before he lifted his arms, busying himself with the food.

We took our time eating and talking— at one point recalling the court today— having a laugh at Damien, his father, and his lawyer.

We finished up around 30 minutes later— and I glanced down at the time, 10:07pm.

I nudged Bane, "We should get going."

He nodded, scooping up the last of his Oreo McFlurry, and sliding out of the booth.

I followed suit, sliding out, brushing my pants off, and getting up to throw away the trash.

We walked out of the McDonald's, once more heading for Banes car.

We reached the penthouse at 10:26pm.

I twisted open the lock; pushing the door open— entering the quiet and dark apartment.

I felt Bane behind me, and a second later the lights had been switched on.

Where was Grey?

I turned to Bane, confused, "Where's Grey? I know Donny is at Jas's..." I trailed off.

Bane looked towards me, realization crossing his features, "He texted me earlier that him and Maggie were also at their place— so it's just you and I."

I nodded, relieved that he hadn't been abducted or something.

I walked into the kitchen, grabbing a glass of milk and mixing in the chocolate syrup, downing it in seconds.

I rinsed out the glass, turning to the doorway against which Bane was leaning.

"I'm going to call it a night— see you in the morning."

I flashed him a quick smile, turning around and heading to my room.

"Alura." Bane called after me.

I stopped, turning, "Yeah?"

He paused, shaking his head, "Goodnight."

I mumbled a "goodnight" in return, before entering my room.

I changed out of my clothes, pulling on a large UFG shirt and comfy shorts.

I pulled the tight hair tie out of my hair, though I left my hair in the low bun, replacing the annoying hair tie with a comfortable soft scrunchy.

I walked into the washroom, brushing my teeth and washing my face— making my way back into the room.

I flicked off the lights, dropping into my bed, pulling the covers over myself.

I was able to hear rustling and water running— presumably Bane in the washroom— before sleep consumed my senses and I lost consciousness, drifting off.

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