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After the revelation, four entire days ago, I'd avoided Bane like the plague.

If I did accidentally come across him, I made sure to throw a nasty glare in his direction.

It's not like he betrayed my trust, or that my knee suffered a terrible permanent injury. I just — we hung out for quite some time before the guys arrived.

We bonded slightly too. I thought he would've at least had the decency to mention that he's fought me before. Or even recognized me from some where.

The other side of my conscience was arguing with me, trying to get me to see reason, but I dutifully ignored her. A reasonable and valid argument who? Don't know her.

I got off my bed; although it was a little past noon, I had taken a nap.

The guys, Grey, Ado, and Bane, had gone out a couple hours ago. Something about "roomie bonding time", directly quoted from Grey.

I was invited too, but due to my stubborn and unreasonable nature, I chose to decline. Opting for a fat nap in its place.

I didn't bother changing out of my Vancouver Fighting Gym tee and panties. No one was home, so why bother?

Making my way out of the room, I noticed Loki was missing. Walking towards the kitchen, a note was left on the counter.

— B

Reading the slanted, all caps, letters, and the parting signature, I realized Bane took Loki out on a run with him.

Grey and Ado must've split off from him half way. Feeling warm, I was pleasantly surprised to notice my previous anger had simmered down.

Christ, it's crazy what a guy with good hand writing can do to a girls emotional state.

Unfortunately, there was no time frame written on the note, so I had no idea when they had gone out, and therefore no clue as to when they'd be back.

Choosing to not care, I buried myself in the kitchen, trying to make a brunch. As I placed the pan on the stove to warm, I reached down to grab the oil can.


And that was the sound of the door unlocking.

As I heard the door swing open, mixed with Banes laugh and Loki's barks, I got up hastily, banging my head onto the counter shelf on my way.

Crouching low and holding my head, I fell back with a defeated sigh, opting to lay on the cold kitchen floor and wait for Bane to find me in a completely embarrassing situation, seeing as the pain in my head was not letting me get up either way.

I heard fast paced footsteps approaching the kitchen, signalling Banes arrival. I closed my eyes, not wanting to have to witness his expression.

After a few notable moments of silence, I peeked one eye open, only to be greeted by Banes amused face staring down at me, his 6 foot something frame towering over me.

"Aaagh" I groaned, in complete and total discomfort, as I attempted to lift my head.

Letting out a quiet chuckle, Bane intervened.

"Don't make any sudden movements, you're just going to worsen the pain further." He commanded.

Crouching near my left side, he sat, reaching out his large hands, carefully lifting my aching head onto his lap.

Feeling the heat travel up my neck and to my cheeks, I knew I was blushing. It felt awkwardly intimate, which was not the best situation to be in with a guy I had avoided thoroughly for the past four days.

"You mind if I just pat around, I can't see a bump so there might not be—", preventing him from having to explain, I muttered a quick "Go ahead."

He lifted one hand, tentatively prodding at my head. Reaching the back, his fingers getting semi tangled in the strands of white hair, he let out a curse.

"Christ Lure, how the fuck did you manage that, you might have a concussion, did you not even thi—" I blocked out the rest of what he had to say.

The minuscule portion of my brain that had remained a 17 year old, fan girling over his use of my nickname.

He had a hot mouth, naturally, the words that came out of his mouth were hot too.

Resuming back into what he was saying, I felt like a little kid getting reprimanded by their parent for letting a perfectly preventable mishap occur.

Getting agitated, I lost way to the unreasonable and stubborn part of my self, going on to interrupt him.

"Can you be quiet, my heads hurting and I don't need you lecturing me about what I could or couldn't have done." It came out harsher than I intended.

Though I'm not sure as to how effectual it was regardless, seeing as my head was still in Banes lap, and his large hand was still easing apart strands of my tangled hair.

Including the fact that we were situated on the cold kitchen floor.

As if noticing that his mom and dad were in a supposedly intimate situation, Loki came bounding into the kitchen, licking both our faces and hands.

Letting out a light laugh, I scratched behind his ears, to which he responded with a happy bark.

I glanced upwards, only to notice Bane staring down at me already, a hint of appreciation, or something akin to it, in his eyes.

As if me catching him staring was the press of a trigger to a gun, his expression shifted, a blank look washing over his face.

And forgetting that my head was still on his lap, he stood up, my head dropping down onto the cold tiled floor.

"Fuck! Lure, shit I'm so sorry I wasn't thinking, Lure stay awake, you might..."

His voice started fading out, along with my vision.

Perfect, I definitely have a concussion now. And it just dawned on me that I'm only in a tee and panties.

That being my last thought, I passed out.

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