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I walked into the living area, gesturing for Adonis to move over, but he waved me off towards Bane's side.

Bane looked up at me, huffed, and scooted over for me.

Sitting down, I lay my head against Banes shoulder and stretched my feet into Ado's lap, soon getting lost in my thoughts.

Adonis was right, it was a couple days after the whole situation, and Grey was floating. Literally.

He took Loki out with Maggie and him today, and that's something.

With Grey busy, Adonis, Bane and I, are heading to the fighting gym together. It's my first time with them, though the guys haven't gone altogether yet either.

I haven't gone, period. I kept telling myself I would, and yet when the time came I backed out.

I don't think it's because I'm nervous or worried, I'm just uncomfortable because of the new environment, and it'll take some getting used to.

Having had breakfast with the guys already, and now lounging in the couches, I decided to get up and start getting ready.

Shifting my head away from Banes shoulder, I swung my legs over the couch.

"I'm going to go get changed and grab my stuff." I announced.

Receiving unintelligible mumbles back, I rolled my eyes and walked to my room.

Going to my closet, I grabbed my gym bag, placing my gym tights, sports bra, and Nike trainers into the bag.

I changed out of my sleeping clothes in which I paraded around our home all day, and pulled on a pair of sports shorts and a blood red sweatshirt.

The weather in Toronto is unpredictable, though recently it's been consistent nice cool weather.

Undoing my hair from its knotted mess, I brushed through it and grabbed a headband and hair tie for when I reached the gym.

Walking back into the living, I approached to see both guys in the exact position I'd left them in.

Sighing, I walked to the back of the couch, tugging on Ado's hair first, though harshly so he'd get up fast.

As soon as he let out an annoyed grunt and whacked my hand away, I moved over to Bane, reaching over to grasp at his hair and give it a tug.

Bane tensed for a fraction of a second and then turned around, his eyes dark.

Fuck, did I make him angry.

Analyzing my expression, Bane lost the intense look and gave me a quick half grin.

"Woah sweetness, easy on the hair, yeah?"

Relieved he wasn't angry, I replied "Oh please old man, you're balding as it is."

"Hey! I'm not even old, I literally have 4 months on you that's all." He huffed, heavily offended.

I was going to retort but Adonis cut me off,
"God if this is how you flirt Lure, I think I found the reason behind your never having a boyfriend ass."

Annoyed, though not embarrassed because I could tell he was teasing, I replied "Okay and, you dated that horror called Bailey, so who's the real loser here."

Aware that my retort was mildly unrelated, it would bother him either way, so I was alright with delivering it.

And if his angry huff was anything to off by, I'd assume I was right.

Bane's chuckle distracted me from my thoughts, and the need to go to the gym washed over me, sending me into overdrive.

"Come on come on! Grab your stuff, I have my bag ready. Ado can you grab water bottles? Are we going to go out to eat or are we just taking fruit from home because honestly either is fine, though fruit is a little more nutritious. Maybe we should grab food and take fruits with us, hows that? Bane! On your way back from your room can you grab my knee support from the washroom, it's in the first cubby. Adonis Moscow! Quick up—" "Ow!"

Okay well I realize I was talking a lot but that whack on the mouth was undeserved.

Adonis snickered, motioning towards the door, where Bane was standing.

"Let's go you hyperactive turd."

Huffing, I took the remains of my dignity and made my way out the door.

Followed by the laughter of Bane and Ado.


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