Twenty Nine

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The next day had passed by in a blur. I'd woken up feeling inexplicably stressed— and Bane, having noticed this, took me to the gym for a short sparring match.

I'd relieved some pent up energy and relieved myself of some stress, though I still felt unnerved.

It was around 4:40 pm when Jas and Maggie had dragged me away from my Mario Kart game with the guys.

Maggie had forced me to sit on top of the sink, while she stood atop a stool, doing my hair. Jasmine had pulled out an array of cosmetics to do my makeup, all the while complimenting and cursing me for my skin.

Around an hour later the two of them were done, turning me around to look at myself in the mirror.

I took in my appearance in a calculated way. It has been quite some time since I last did my makeup, or my hair for that matter.

Maggie had fixed my waist length hair into a low braided bun, letting strands hang out to frame my face. The white of my hair contrasted against my slightly tanned skin. Jas had done light makeup, not bothering with much save for the heavy nude lipstick and a thinly lined eyeliner.

I liked the look— now I just had to try on the dress.

I turned to Maggie and Jas, "Thankyou— I really like it."

Maggie cooed in response, Jas wiping a pretend tear from under her eye, "Our pleasure darl." She drawled in a southern accent.

Maggie gave me a light shove towards the closet, "Go on, change!" She exclaimed excitedly.

I walked into the closet, closing the door and stripping off my clothes. I pulled on nude seamless panties, and a nude strapless plush bra, before unhanging the dress from its place.

I unzipped it and quickly put it on, zipping it up myself— something I am proud to say I have mastered.

I twisted to look at myself in the mirror, stopping short at the sight. My hairdo and makeup complimented the dress— altogether a simplistic yet elegant vibe.

The dress clung to my curves— my toned body a result of the time spent in the gym. The straps were thin like spaghetti, the neckline loose and swooping low. The dress reached mid calf, showing off some lower calf skin and ankles.

I assessed myself a final time before grabbing my heels and walking out. Maggie and Jas weren't in the room, so I went down the hall towards the living area.

Grey was first to catch sight of me, "Lu you look great."

Immediately, four other heads turned to look at me.

Maggie and Jas made a show of fainting over one another, letting out dramatic gasps.

I clasped my hands over my face, feeling myself blush from the attention.

Adonis and Bane cleared their throats simultaneously. "The neck uh, is a little low, no?" Ado questioned, only to be swat across the head with a home slipper by Jas— who, by the way, had impeccable aim.

Bane nodded, almost unconsciously, eyes lingering on my lower half as I stood, uncomfortable from the scrutiny of his heavy gaze.

I walked over to the couch, sitting next to him, and held out my heels.

"You mind strapping them on, I can never get the buckles." I said sheepishly, facing Bane.

He half grinned, rolling his eyes and getting off the couch, crouching at my feet, "Of course you can't."

I aimlessly chatted with the others while Bane fumbled with my heels. As he rose up, finally having completed his task, my phone let out a sound.

Hey doll, I'm downstairs in the parking, come down.

I furrowed my brows, he could've come to the door— that's usually what they did in the movies.

Ignoring my thoughts, I stood up, saying a quick bye to them and steadily made my way to the door.

I dropped my phone onto the kitchen counter on my way there, wallet and keys along with it— remembering the instruction to not bring the distraction and the argument over who pays for the meal.

I felt a smile creep up on my face, I liked that he'd insisted on paying— it was gentlemanly.

I called out one last bye before closing the door behind me and getting into the awaiting elevator, making my way down to the lobby.

I walked out the lobby doors, spotting Damien's car, and walking at a slightly faster pace to reach it.

The stares I was getting had hurried me. I opened the door for myself, getting in the car.

Damien looked over at me, letting out a wolf whistle.

I laughed, blushing.

"You look hot doll face."

My grin faltered slightly at the overused compliment, before mumbling a quick thanks, pulling on my seatbelt and settling back.

Damien drove forward, at the increased speed he usually does, while I clung to the sides of my seat.

The restaurant was roughly 30 minutes away by drive— though it felt longer with the way the mood had settled in the car. It was unsettling, I attempted to make conversation several times— only to receive short and unbothered replies from Damien.

I'd been quiet for the past five-ish minutes, until Damien broke the silence.

"Just a minute longer and we'll be there." He said, flashing me a bright smile.

I sighed in relief, noting his mood seemed better.

"Do any of your family or friends work there?" I questioned.

"No. I booked out the place just for us tonight."

The grin that followed caused my stomach to twist weirdly.

I don't know why I felt tense around him— there's a chance it has something to do with my newfound feelings for Bane, I reasoned to myself.

Internally sighing, my thoughts were cut off by Damien bringing the car to an abrupt stop. The 'restaurant' in front of me didn't look in the best of shape— but it was probably one of those newly renovated ones. Damien spoke highly of it— not wanting to offend his grandmother and comment on its appearance, I stayed quiet.

Damien motioned for me to stay, while he got out of the car, rounding to my side and holding open the door.

I gently stepped out, adjusting my dress before smiling in thanks to him, stepping ahead and walking towards the entrance of the diner.

As I opened the door, Damien's voice called out a bit behind me, "You didn't bring your phone did you Alura?"

I held in a smile, rolling my eyes, and called back, "No Damien, you told me not to so I didn—"

I was cut off mid sentence— shoved harshly through the entrance of the restaurant— losing my balance immediately— and crashed onto the rough floor.

I felt my hands scraping along the tarmac— knees hitting— feeling tears well up in my eyes from the burning sensation.

I struggled to push myself up, turning around— only to see Damien standing above me— a sinister grin on his face.

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