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I walked into my office, shrugging off my long coat and hanging it on the coat hanger, before making my way into the conference room.

I headed in, noticing several colleagues and persons present already, and walked to the front, sitting at one of the heads of the table.

The room got noticeably quieter as I entered, out of fear, respect, or both; I appreciated it.

As the seemingly last person filed in, I motioned for my assistant Clara Tompkins to shut the door, before standing to begin the meeting.

Just as I began, the door was pushed open, an air of confidence and masculinity entering the room.

My eyes widened as my husband walked through the door, "You didn't tell me you were taking on this case." I accused.

I turned to the opposing lawyer, narrowing my eyes at him, "And you, you failed to mention you would be accompanied by the head of your firm."

"Mrs. O'Neill, I have recently taken on this case, Mr. Oscar wasn't aware I would be accompanying him." He said, walking towards me while grinning.

My lips threatened to break into a smile, "Bane, seriously? You know how these turn out— we're lawyers, we can't encourage gambling." I stressed.

The conference room had lightened up, enjoying the bickering between husband and wife.

Bane and I had married seven years ago, both 25 and a year after graduating from law school. Now 32, we were name partners of our individual, rivalling, corporate firms.

The various cases in which we were opposing councils in the past had led to large bets placed amongst our family— none of them having retired from their habit of placing bets.

Jasmine and Adonis had gotten married a year before Bane and I— and continued placing losing bets confidently.

Maggie and Grey had broken up on mutual terms 3rd year of law school— Maggie is happily engaged to a female— having explored the other side of the rainbow— and her and Grey have remained friends.

We had lost touch with Leen and Sam after Leen and Jonah broke up, but Jonah works alongside me at my firm, along with Grey.

Adonis is partnered with Bane— those two assholes make a damn good team— but so do we.

Safe to say that my chaotic family hasn't mellowed down over the years.

The meeting proceeded as expected— a mess. A meeting with two rivalling corporate firms against one another, representing two separate fraudulent douches was bound to end up like that.

I groaned as the last person left the room. Bane had gone down to my office, waiting for me there.

I walked out of the conference room, calling out to my assistant, "Clara sweetheart, you can take leave— I'm heading home now."

She smiled politely, nodding a quick thanks before exiting as well.

I made my way to my office, calling for Bane to head out and grab my coat. I started walking down the hall to the elevator, feeling my coat being placed on my shoulders, a sturdy arm wrapped around my waist as a kiss was placed against my forehead.

I glanced up at Bane, smiling, watching as the elevator doors opened.

We drove home in separate cars, parking in the large driveway and getting out. I walked ahead of Bane, taking my keys out of my purse to open the door.

As I inserted the key, the lock was twisted open from the other side, excited squeals heard.

Rose Ryder and Reign greeted me as the door swung open— two years after getting married, I had Reign, and a year after Rose and Ryder, fraternal twins. I continuously applauded my mom during and after my pregnancy, having multiples was harder than Law school. And that's a fucking statement.

I crouched down to hug the three animals, looking up as a pair of feet approached us, Sonny.

Sonny grew up over the years, standing at 6'2, a near replica of Bane, 18 years old now. He often watched the kids on days their nana wasn't able to.

Sonny's adoptive mom had passed away three years ago, and as a result he had matured much quicker than most 15 year olds.

He had moved in with Bane and I shortly after, though he's leaving September of this year, attending his first year at Western University.

"Were they good love?" I asked him.

He grinned, "Oh they were absolutely terrible Lu."

I laughed, joined by Bane, "To be expected."

As the twins and Reign saw their dad they rushed to him, and he scooped them up, one on his shoulders and two in his arms.

I got up from my crouched position, pulling Sonny into a hug, murmuring a quick thankyou to him.

Bane and I have busy jobs— law firms don't run themselves. But we make as much time as we can for the kids. Often, Papa and Fran come to stay with us, spending time with the kids and spoiling them rotten.

However it's mid January right now, and the snow sports in British Columbia is something my dad would never give up.

I smiled affectionately at the group, my peaceful admiration abruptly interrupted as Bane shouted, "Mama squish!"

I groaned as I was bombarded by two little 4 year olds and a 5 year old, a 32 year old grown male, and an 18 year old replica of him— regardless I was thankful.

This family was mine.

"Guess what?" Bane asked as they continued squishing me.

"Mama and I are opposing councils again", and instantly Sonny called out my name, "I bet Lu— $200."

Rose, Ryder and Reign had learned and grown used to our legal terms, easily picking up on their meanings— they'd also learned to bet on every other thing.

Reign nodded eagerly, "I second Sonny's!"

Ryder shouted, "Papa! I go $200."

Rose giggled, "I with Papa, but only $100!"

I sighed, "Bane! We have to stop doing this with them!"

The monsters don't have their own money obviously, but their bets result from their prized possessions— they put prices on their toys or treats— and give them up as a result of the bets.

I laughed as Bane realized I had more financial support— and he only had toys.

Rose looked up at him, "Not worry Papa, I talk with aunt Jas!" She exclaimed excitedly.

I groaned but couldn't help grinning.

They were still my family.

The End.

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