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The realization that Bane O'Neill was standing opposite me, in the entrance of our soon to be shared apartment, hit me suddenly.

Immediately after, I took a step back, quickly turning on my heel, my back now facing Bane, calling for the guys.

"Grey, Ado!" I yelled out.

Heavy footsteps made their way to where I was standing. A few seconds later, Adonis appeared, followed by a slightly giddy Grey.

As they neared, Grey strides forward, extending his arms for one of those man-handshake-hugs. I personally think those are an excuse for men to get a hug a day.

Bane's voice cuts my thoughts off.

Having greeted Grey, he extends a hand towards Ado, "Hey man, I'm Bane."

Adonis, returning his greeting with a firm handshake and nod of his head, replies
"Welcome to the place."

With a friendly smile he adds, "You need help with your stuff?"

Only then did I notice that Bane was holding two duffles and a single bag. Surely, the rest of his stuff was elsewhere, most probably a vehicle of some sort.

"Oh that'd be helpful, yeah if you could lend a hand. Alone it'd take a couple trips." Bane replies.

Grey turns to me, "Hey Lu you can go help him right?"

Just as I was getting ready to object, having had an unpleasant encounter with the douche, Bane interjected.

"The shits pretty heavy, I wouldn't want to impose on—"

This time I cut him off, taking it as a challenge, "Fuck off, I'll help you mate, I can handle it."

Grey, seemingly pleased with the results of his request, gave a laugh, nodding his head in agreement.

Turning to Bane, he adds on. "Yeah don't worry about Lu, she's a whole champ. You'll get your stuff up in record time. Moscow and I would come along but we have to go to the gym now."

Bane nods in understanding, as Ado continues, "You can have Alura help you with unpacking and setting up."

Turning to me he asks, "You'd be cool with that, right Lure?"

Well now I have to be cool with it, considering you extended the offer, you useless knob.

Heaving an audible sigh, I replied "Yeah I can, you guys go. And remember to register me."

Ado rolls his eyes but nods in compliance.

Grey and him grab their keys and bags and head out shortly after, leaving me awkwardly standing in the doorway with Bane.

Noticing his piercing gaze, I make a move to resolve our conflict from before, only to, once again, get cut off before I even start.

This is going to be an issue.

"Well Alura aren't you going to invite me in?" He asks, emphasizing my name.

Feeling my face heat up, at both the way he said my name, and the lack of manners I had displayed, I turned around and mumbled for him to follow me.

Not bothering to turn around to ensure he actually was, seeing as I could hear his footsteps, I made my way towards the hall where our rooms were located.

Quickening my pace, I reached for the handle and pushed open the door, the morning light from the windows flooding the hallway.

Moving into the room, I stopped at the bed, turning around to face Bane.

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