Thirty Three

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I sat tiredly, leaning against the back support in my chair— listening to Professor Curmudgeon— boring as ever. He'd returned last week, and I've had to since suffer through his lectures.

A couple weeks had passed since the incident— an eventful couple of weeks.

I attended my lectures starting the Monday after the weekend of the incident— having had time to recover and heal. My professors and the Dean had been informed about the incident— informing them of the students involved, Damien and I, and proceeding with repercussions.

Professor Percy— who the class discovered was a practicing lawyer— had pulled me aside after the lecture on Monday, sitting me down to talk about the events that occurred. He'd offered to work through my case— taking it on pro bono— though after some insistence from me he relented.

The official hearing was set for today afternoon. Officer Langley had paired up with Professor Percy and the two had found incriminating evidence against Damien— evidence that I have yet to be informed of.

Along with the assault charges— I was ensured he had time due in jail— time that his rich Daddy couldn't get him out of.

I was frustrated though: Adonis, Grey, Maggie, and Jas were walking on eggshells around me— and I didn't know how to approach the subject without seeming harsh and apathetic.

Bane had left the day following the pasta night.

It didn't help that atop my recent realisation that I had a crush on Bane, he'd skipped town, leaving a simple note.

— B.

He and I have rarely talked about 'personal'— so I had little to no idea as to what it could be.

I'd waited it out— messaged him— but he hadn't responded and still hasn't returned— and my trial is today.

I tuned back into the lecture, in time for Curmudgeon to utter "dismissed."

I quickly gathered my notes and laptop into my bag, pushing my seat in and turning to my left by habit— before remembering Grey wasn't seated to my left— or seated at all— he was infected with some viral cold last night.

I walked through the rows of seats, making it out the door and towards the parking lot. Adonis had said he'd pick me up— so I scanned the area for his jeep— spotting it parked further out.

I walked to the jeep, taking a couple minutes while maneuvering around the cars in the lot.

I knocked on the window lightly, and the doors unlocked a split moment later— Adonis having realised it was me.

I got in, shoving my bag in the back, turning around as Ado spoke.

"Hey how was the class?"

"Boring as usual— how is Grey? I got some disturbingly descriptive texts about the colour of his vomit." I replied, shuddering in disgust.

He visibly paled, "Thank fuck he didn't think of me when sending those out."

I laughed, nodding.

Ado glanced at me, "You good for the hearing today?"

I paused, thinking it over— I'm not, but I've convinced myself that I am— "Yeah, yeah I am."

He nodded, mouth thinning into a forced close lipped smile, "Anything from Bane?"

I shook my head, looking out the window, observing the fast passing scenery.

Bane hadn't simply ghosted me — he had informed Adonis and Grey of his whereabouts, ordering them to keep it from me.

I felt Adonis' hand pat my knee, turning to look at him, "He just wants to tell you himself— in person— when he's gotten control of the situation." He uttered something else lowly, though I missed it.

I muttered under my breath, rolling my eyes— having heard the same response from Adonis and Grey over the past couple of weeks.

Why didn't he reach out to me at least fucking answer my messages. 

We parked the jeep, having reached the penthouse, climbing out and making our way up.

I walked ahead of Ado, pulling out my keys to unlock the door.

I pushed it open— kicking off my shoes— and walked towards the kitchen.

Grey greeted me with open arms, "Hey Lu, come give hug." He childishly demanded— fitting though, considering he sat atop the counter swinging his legs.

I smiled, "I'm not trying to catch your disease Grey."

He barked out a laugh, coughing shortly after, "You wound me Lu."

I started towards my room, lifting a hand in parting wave, "I'm going to go wash down and change."

Grey called after me, "Enjoy", followed by a short chuckle from Adonis.

I pushed the door open, stepping into my room and dropped my bag on my chair. I walked towards my closet,  pulling off my top and bottoms— wearing a comfort bra and shorts.

I pulled my hair loose from its bun, making my way to the washroom, nudging the door open with my hip, lightly humming. I washed my face— looking for a towel to dry it with— when I noticed the second door of the washroom was left open.

A figure was bent over to the side, reaching down for something— in Bane's room?

I pulled out the knife stashed under the edge of the washroom counter, calling out, "Who the fuck—"

As the figure turned around the words died on my tongue. Bane.

Red hot anger coursed through me, twinged with betrayal, and I narrowed my eyes at him accusingly.

"You the fuck." I gritted out.

He smiled forcefully, nodding, "Me the fuck."

I felt like grinning at his retort— get it together Alura.

I marched up to him, "Where the hell were you? Why didn't you call me? You didn't even reply— I thought something happened to y— the guys wouldn't tell me, did you not care enough to—"

My rambling was cut short— the words muffling— when a pair of warm, slightly chapped lips collided with mine. 

I shut down.

Fuck. That's one way to go about it.

His large, slightly calloused hands held me in place— one splayed across my jaw, the other wounding in my hair.

My body reacted, my mind having malfunctioned—my hands travelling up to cup his neck, letting one trail up and into his hair— tugging lightly.

He groaned, pulling back, lightly biting down on my lower lip, before letting me go completely.

My eyes fluttered open, meeting his— darkened— like evergreen trees in the winter.

His hands travelled lower, gripping my waist— "I care more than enough." He answered hoarsely.

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