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We stood in an awkward silence, Grey and I, watching Adonis attempt to unsuccessfully unlock the door to the penthouse.

Grey, ever the peacemaker, tried to intervene.

"Uh, Moscow you want me to give it a try?"

Only to have Adonis let out a few non committable grunts, and after another awkward minute of silence, push open the door.

I let out an audible sigh of relief, and trudged ahead of Grey and Ado into the suite, only to stop abruptly.

Yes, the penthouse was stunning—spacious, and contemporary—my dream house essentially. But that's not what stopped me.

In the living room were two girls, their backs facing me, watching a show on the large flat screen TV, clearly having failed to hear us enter.

I heard heavy footsteps behind me, and with Loki's yap, figured one of the guys were approaching from behind.

"Jasmine, we're here" Ado called, and immediately the ginger haired beauty turned around, a wide smile splitting across her face, standing immediately after and coming towards me.

"Alura! It's so good to see you again! How was the flight? Was the temperature change drastic? I know in BC it's cooler than it is here, considering it's early August, wow it's been some time. Are you hungry? Did you—"

Adonis, having forgotten his sour mood, laughed lightly, interrupting his talkative girlfriend. "Christ Jas give her a second to breath."

Just as Adonis finished, the other girl bounded over towards us, after having greeted Grey affectionately.

"Hi, you're Alura right?" Turning to look at Grey, Ado, and Jas, she questions again "She's Alura right?"

In a series of collective groans, they all reply "Yes Maggie, she's Alura."

"Oh good! Hi Alura, I'm Maggie, Greys girlfriend."

At my raised eyebrows, she grinned, continuing. "I know it sounds bad, but don't worry, he pays me by the hour; and above minimum wage."

I let out a laugh, "Hi Maggie, you seem content enough, did he give you a raise recently?" I asked, playing along with her.

She turns to Grey and the other two, pointing back at me, "I like her, we will definitely keep her."

Ado groaned, "Maggie she's my twin, we have to keep her."

She ignored him, her attention shifting to Loki, who strayed away from the others, though more so from Maggie, who looked ready to eat him.

"Oh my god he's so cute" she turns to look at Jasmine, "Is this the 'demon' dramatic Adonis was referring to, he looks like an angel."

Maggie reaches over to pet Loki, who in turn let out a baby growl, making the rest of us laugh and causing Maggie to scowl.

After a couple more failed attempts to pet Loki, Maggie gave up, grumbling incoherently about how she's an animal person.

As Maggie ventured off towards the kitchen, Grey followed, leaving the three of us standing in the living room. Jasmine turns to me, "Lure do you want me to prepare you some tea or coffee?"

"Um, chocolate milk please."

I have never been a fan of coffee or tea. I tend to stray away from warm drinks in general.

As Jasmine joins the other two in the kitchen, Ado approaches me. "Hey, grab your duffles, let me show you to your room."

I was excited to see my room, so I steadily grabbed mine and Loki's bags and followed him.

Knowing Adonis, he will probably bring up the fighting topic as soon as we're in seclusion, where there's no one else besides me to tell him he's being unreasonable.

As we passed the living area, we went down a hall, and Ado entered through the second door, with me behind him.

The room was spacious, with four large windows covering the far wall. There was a king sized bed towards the windows, covered in fluffy white comforters, and several pillows littering the bed.

A large floor length mirror was situated on the opposite side of the bed, next to it a plush, cream coloured dog bed, presumably for Loki. The wall which the mirror leaned against also held a door I had yet to explore. On the left side of the bed was a large walk in closet.

"The door next to the mirror leads to the en-suite washroom, though it's a joint washroom between you and the room on the opposite side. Don't worry though, no one is living there—yet anyway" Ado informed me.

"Okay well that's nice, en-suite in general is so convenient."

A question came to mind, "Hey Ado, why don't either Jasmine or Maggie live with you guys?"

From his place on my bed, Ado spoke.
"They actually room together in an apartment in the building across from us, so they already have a commitment to that place. Though they're here half the time anyway, so it barely makes a difference."

I made a noncommittal sound, focussing on admiring the room, while thinking over our living arrangement.

While lost in thought, Ado had approached me.

After what seemed to be a minute of contemplation, he brought up the previously dropped topic.

"Lure, why was I never told you fight? Hell, is it even recreational? Are you competitive? It's a dangerous sport sweets, I know you're a tough nut but here, more so than BC, it's hard. The girls here are ruthless and fight dirty."

"Listen, I know you're protective, but it wasn't my intention to keep it from you, I guess it just never came up."

It was true, regardless of being twins, our schedules were busy and we didn't necessarily update each other every day.

"Bullshit", Ado mumbled lowly.

I chose to disregard his comment, continuing, "As for recreational and competitive, I partake in both. And— though I feel this may put you off more— I don't compete in the females division because I ranked high. They switched me into men's, so I can hold up my own very well, thank you."

"You're fucking kidding. In the men's section? Does Papa know? You're insane. I don't understand—"

"I'm also more stubborn than you are, so shove it for now" I retorted, cutting him off.

Ado let out a couple cusses and unintelligible angry mumbles, but gave in relatively quickly.
"Fine, I'll drop it for now. I'm still not happy with this Alura."

"Great thank you for sparing me oh wise one."
"Asshole" I grumbled beneath my breath.

I smirked when he didn't reply, "Didn't think it'd be that easy to deter you from your war path. Now let's go out, I need to eat because I slept my way through the flight and will pass out very soon."

Letting out a light laugh, Ado threw his arm over my shoulders and guided me out towards the kitchen, where Grey, Jas and Maggie were chatting.

I could find a home here, within Toronto, with these people.

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