Thirty Seven

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"Chocolate milk?" I heard Adonis ask me tentatively.

I looked up, mumbling a yes, before resting my head in my arms again.

I woke up in Bane's room— in his bed— but no Bane.

I glanced at the time, 11:03am.

At the sound of the glass being placed down on the counter, I looked up again— reaching for the chocolate milk and downing it in one go.

I wiped at my mouth with my sleeve, sliding the empty glass over the counter to where Adonis was stationed.

He gave me a close lipped smile, sympathetic, before gesturing towards the living area.

"You wanna watch something while I eat?"

I shook my head, "I need to do something— anything— that entails physical activity."

Donny grinned, "Gym?"

I nodded eagerly, a smile spreading across my face, "I'll go get ready, you finish up eating."

I walked into my washroom, splashing lukewarm water on my face, cleansing it with the vanilla and aloe scented soap.

I ran wet fingers through my hair, taming the stray away's.

Grabbing a small hand towel, I patted my face dry— hanging it on the railing and heading to my room.

Spotting a pair of black gym shorts on my chair, I pulled them on, pairing it with a nude adidas sports bra— pulling a UofT Law quarter zip sweater over it.

I grabbed my gym bag from beside my door, swinging it over my shoulder.

I passed by the kitchen, greeting Loki who was lingering around his food bowls.

Hearing his name, he turned towards me, barking happily as he trotted over, licking my bare legs.

I scratched between his ears, delivering a couple firm pats to his back before moving over to the pantry to grab his food.

I poured the bits into one bowl, filling the other with water. Leaning down to deliver a last kiss to his snout, I walked out to the living area to meet Adonis.

He was waiting by the door, bag in hand and scrolling through his phone, looking up when he heard me approaching.

Hiking the bag onto his shoulder, he lifted the corner of his mouth, "Good to go?"

I returned it, "Yeah."

Punch— Duck— Kick— Duck— Punch— Punch— Elbow— Duck— Roundhouse.


I exhaled harshly— sweating— resting my arms against the ropes of the podium.

Taking deep breaths, I straightened up, turning around and offering the cocky douche on the floor a hand.

He grimaced, but grabbed onto it, using me as support to hurl himself up.

I stared at him blankly, rolling my eyes when he gave me a mere grunt in acknowledgment.

I hopped down from the podium, calling out to Adonis, and heading into the change room.

I felt my nerves calm down— releasing stress through fighting several egotistical cocks.


By the time Donny and I got back to the apartment, it was 2pm.

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