Twenty Eight

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When Jas and Adonis came back with the food, they joined us in the living room. Everyone just took their pick and continued to watch The Punisher.

It wasn't until a minute ago that Maggie hurried Jas and I to get washed up and ready— her set alarm rang, alerting us of the time, 3:50pm.

I grumbled, having to leave my comfortable position. I leaned over to give Loki a kiss, and instinctively placed a light kiss against Banes jaw.

It was only when I drew back and stood up to leave that the weight of my actions settled in.

Bane was staring at me with a heavy gaze, and I felt my face flush responsively.

I turned around quickly, speed walking to my room— stepping in and shutting the door behind me with force, grabbing the attention of Maggie and Jasmine, both who were waiting in my room.

At their questioning glances, I mumbled a low "Nothing."

Jas and Maggie shared a look between each other before turning towards me.

Maggie stood up, "Okay I spilt some shit on my top so I'm just gonna go grab one of Greys tops."

I nodded, "Jas if you wanna change my closet is open— I'm just going to pull on a comfy fit."

Jas smiled, "Thanks Lura." She nodded, "Comfy is best— wear something you can easily change in and out of, to make the trying on process easier."

I took her advice, dressing down in a pair of largely ripped black jeans paired with a UFG sweatshirt. I released my hair from its previous up-do, letting the loose waves tumble down to my waist.

I slid on strap up adidas slides with my cream coloured socks, making my way out of my room before pausing.

I turned around, calling to Jas who was in my washroom, "Jas, should I wait for you in the living or go down to the car?"

Her muffled voice came through the washroom door, not intelligible enough for me to understand— though she came out a couple seconds later.

"Hey yeah, head down to the car, I'll meet you there." She said, tying up her hair.

I nodded and proceeded to head out. Maggie was already at the entrance of the apartment, leaning against the wall. Upon seeing me she perked up, "I got Donny's keys!"

I grinned, "Great, Jas said she'll meet us downstairs, so you and I can head down."

She nodded, yelling a quick bye to the guys, as I did the same, and walked out of the apartment. I watched in amusement as she bounced over to the elevator button, pressing it several times.

The amount of energy Maggie has at all times honestly baffles me. It's like witnessing a happy drunk on crack.

As the elevator doors pinged and opened, we stepped in, waiting for the doors to shut— just as they started closing, Jas jogged over to the slim opening.

Maggie playfully started pressing the close button continuously, as I dramatically thrust a hand between the doors.

Jas started laughing, making it onto the elevator, rolling her eyes at both Maggie and I.

The ride to the mall raised sympathy in me for animal and insects that are unable to move at higher speeds— because Maggie drove like a snail.

I'm getting whiplash from the different drivers amongst my new set of friends— they either induce heart attacks or severe agitation paired with second hand road rage.

Jas had taken joy in the fact that I had to witness Maggie's terrible driving— having had experienced it many times before.

Even as we walked into the mall she kept going— the entire time Maggie denying or objecting to whatever accusations and insults that came her way.

Jas took control as we roamed the mall, having an idea of which places to shop at for what— it was refreshing; not having to guess and check amongst different stores.

So far we had checked around four stores for dresses and shoes, coming short on both fronts.

As we walked into the fifth shop Jas steered us into, I noticed it was one of my favourites— aside from sports shops— Urban Outfitters.

Because it was formal season, the articles on sale were slightly business casual as well as evening ready.

Jasmine walked towards a dress rack, pulling me along by the sleeve of my sweater.

She pulled out a dark green satin dress , "Look Lura, this one's so pretty."

I nodded, liking the colour instantly. It was a dark olive green, rather than the jade or emerald greens that looked— in my opinion— tacky.

I felt the material, soft to the touch, "Should I buy it? I'm tired now and this one looks nice enough."

Maggie, having reunited with us after ditching for fifteen minutes to view other items, peered over my shoulder.

"I like this one." She maneuvered around me, taking the dress out of Jas's hands and holding it up against me, nodding, "Yeah, get it."

After paying for the dress, we walked to the Aldo across from UO.

Knowing the little I knew about heels, I left it to Jas and Maggie— only letting them know my shoe size was a 7 1/2.

Jas brought me a pair of minimalistic nude heels, "Here, try these on."

Obeying, I slipped on the heels, adjusting the straps accordingly, and standing up to test it out.

I nodded, grinning at Jasmine, "They're great Jas, I'll get them."

Maggie let out a relieved sigh, "You make it so easy."

I laughed lightly, shaking my head in amusement before following the sales associate to the check out counter.

We went to my second home— the food court— before wrapping up our trip and making our way back to the penthouse, this time letting Jas drive.

I unlocked the door, nudging it open with my foot, having the bags and keys in my hands.

"We're back!" Maggie greeted loudly.

I settled for a quick "hi" before heading to my room with the things, dropping them on my bed and walking out, back to the living room.

Bane turned to look at me, grinning deviously, "Hey sweetness, you wanna do a trial walk in those new heels?"

I huffed, rolling my eyes playfully, "I'll have you know I'm a champ at walking in heels— now at least."

He laughed, "Yeah— now."

While Grey, Maggie and Jas seemed confused, Adonis caught on.

"You told him the story? The grade 5 graduation?"

I covered my face in embarrassment, groaning, "Yes— But only because we were playing a truths game— not voluntarily."

Regardless of my explanation, Adonis barked out a laugh, joining Bane in indulging in my embarrassment. And— despite my protests— the two proceeded to share the story of my traumatic fall during fifth grade graduation— the result of my mom having persuaded me into wearing the heels I had excitedly bought a year before.

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