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Today's the day.

I woke up to Loki's furry face directly above mine, with a line of drool from his hanging tongue slowly lowering closer to my face.

I sat up quickly, scrambling backwards, to which Loki interpreted as a cue to lick my face.

Great. Instead of one line of drool, I got a shit ton of slobber. Sighing, I put on a smile, cooing at him and scratching his head. He let out a couple happy barks, before retreating and climbing down from the bed, trotting out the door.

I wiped my face with the sleeve of my shirt, moving to get off the bed and walked into the washroom. My hair was a nest. I'll just grab the comb with me, I thought. That way I could get ready and eat while brushing through my hair.

I washed up, changed— into slightly better clothes because first day of Law school— and made my way out of the room, comb in hand.

All three guys were present in the kitchen, none of them dressed to the occasion. Grey was wearing a wife beater and boxers, Adonis was wearing pajama pants, and Bane was wearing  sweats and a dark t-shirt.

Okay so I can't judge them, even though they're not ready, because my "slightly better" attire were my black sports tights— pocketed on the sides to fit in my phone and pencil— with a loose sweater and white running shoes.

I slumped down on the counter next to Bane, waiting for Ado to pass me a plate of eggs and bacon. While waiting, I began running the comb through my hair, barely succeeding.

After several "ow's" from me, the comb was snatched out of my hand, followed by a husky grumble.

Bane pulled the back of my stool closer to his front— enough so that I could feel the heat emanating off his body.

I turned my head towards him, eyes narrowing, "What are you doing?"

"Combing your hair, since you can't seem to do it."

"Hey! Don't doubt her skills— I don't doubt your skills Lu." Grey intervened.

Adonis laughs, "Oh please, you don't doubt her skills because you haven't met her hair— or should I say: the nest."

"Fuck off Ado." I grumbled in reply to him.

Asshole, my hair isn't that problematic. I sighed— doing a lot of that recently— and reluctantly allowed Bane to comb through my hair.

He was heavily focussed, keeping one warm hand splayed across my neck and jaw, holding it in place as he untangled the hairs.

I had started eating the eggs and bacon, and then noticed he was occupied with my hair so he wouldn't be able to eat himself.

Considering we had the same lecture in the morning— Bane, Adonis, and I— I figured I'd feed him food while he combed my hair.

I forked a piece of bacon egg and toast, reaching my arm back, hoping my aim was accurate, and pushed forward the readied bite of food.

His mouth enveloped the fork on the first try— success!

This continued for the following fifteen minutes, after which Bane stood back satisfied, admiring my now neat hair.

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