Thirty Four

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Bane had kissed me.

Bane and I kissed.

I've had my emotional clarity officially obliterated.

I paced back and forth in my room— Bane having walked out after his stunt.

Sighing, I stopped pacing, sitting down on my bed, placing my face in my hands.

I let out sounds of frustration— reducing to face planting into my pillow and yelling for the sound to get muffled.

Hearing a knock at my door, I abruptly stopped  my unnecessary tantrum.

I got off the bed, padding over to the door to open it, tentatively peering outside.

Adonis poked his head through the crack, "Hey we've got to get you down there before 7:30 so get a move on—"

He was cut off by Grey, yelling from the living,
"Remember, business causal!"

Adonis tolled his eyes, calling back, "I'll remind her Grey."

I half smiled, stepping back into my room, "Okay I'll just pull something together and meet you by the door in 15?"

Adonis nodded, turning around before pausing, looking back at me.

"Ah— Banes here, as you know— would you want him to come to the hearing? Grey won't be able to and I heard you guys but— I mean you look red in the face and he was moodier than usual—"

I interrupted his rambling, "Donny, if he wants to come he can— I have nothing against it."

I'd developed a habit of referring to Adonis by his more commonly used nickname here, Donny.

Adonis nodded, pausing again, before narrowing his eyes.

"What happened?" he demanded.

I blinked my eyes in shock, fuck. Donny and I have always been able to tell tale from each others body language.

I chose to play it dumb, "When?"

He stepped closer, eyebrows creasing, "Alura..." He cautioned.

I took in a deep breath, determined to keep this to myself.

His eyes widened though, before an are you kidding me expression donned his face.

"You kissed him." He deadpanned.

I heaved a sigh, grumbling. I knew he'd be able to tell— I just had to avoid him long enough that I could hide it— that of course being impossible considering we shared an apartment.

"He kissed me." I corrected.

Adonis released a curse, looking up at the ceiling, muttering unintelligibly.

"God help me."

He frowned, wrinkling his nose, "Be careful— and patient— and have fun."

He shook his head, slightly smirking, before turning around and disappearing into his room.

I processed his words, confused. Donny doesn't usually react like a strict father in terms of boys and me. He's understanding, caring— but not overbearing.

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