Twenty Four

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We walked around for another hour or so, finally coming to a stop when my phone started ringing, right as we reached the library once again.

I picked it up on the third ring, apologetically untangling my hand from Damien's, "Hello?"

"Where the fuck are you?" Banes deep and angry voice demanded.

"I'm with Damien, we were just—"

"You said you'd be home by 2:30– you didn't even call me— you didn't call Adonis or Grey either."

"I didn't mean to— my class with Grey was cancelled, I thought you'd know—"

"Alura a fucking text would've sufficed!" He huffed angrily.

"Bane, my bad — I was just on a small date with him and we'd finished study—"

"On a date? I— never mind. Have fun." He ended the call abruptly.

I sighed, turning to Damien who was staring at me intently with a dark gaze.

"I um, I'm going to head home. It was great hanging out with you— even if you ended up buying chocolate mint ice cream." I said, trying to lighten the situation.

He smirked, "Heading home to the not boyfriend? It's cool, I had to get going anyway— you know I greatly enjoy your company Lura— I can take you home?"

He immediately blanked after his last statement— Oh. He said he didn't have a car.

"Damien?" I questioned unsurely.

"Oh my bad, I meant take a bus with you."

I nodded, smiling brightly, "Yeah that'd be nice, only if it's not out of your way though."

He winced, "I mean, not exactly out of my way..." He trailed off.

I shook my head, "Yeah okay nice try, I'll be fine on my own."

A bit of banter later, I made my way to the approaching bus, climbing aboard and taking a seat.

Fifteen minutes later I was standing in front of the penthouse door.

It took me three standing minutes before finally lifting my hand to knock, as I'd left my keys in Bane's car.

Just as I started to knock, the door swung open, an amused Grey on the other side.

"Hey Lu!" He greeted, smiling sweetly before turning around, "3 minutes! Whoever bet under three owe me 10 each, whoever bet over three owe me 20 each!" He yelled.

He turned back to me, ignoring my expression, "Well come on in— there's people who owe me money."

I took off my shoes slowly, still in minor shock that "they" had bet on me. That means Grey had been stationed at the door for the past three minutes as I stood there contemplating the need to sleep on a bed for the night.

I followed behind Grey, slightly hesitantly, coming to a full stop at the undefined entrance of the living room.

Maggie and Jonah sat on the large couch, an extra spot next to Maggie, presumably for Grey. Leen sat on the plush carpet between Jonah's legs, facing the TV, while Jas sat in an armchair and Sam and Adonis sat in the love seat. Bane was next to Leen on the carpet, slouched back against the space between Maggie and Jonah.

Great, they'd all placed bets on how long it would take me to regrow a pussy.

I'd say grow a pair, save for the fact that a kick to the balls essentially cripples a guy, whereas a vagina can at least take a pounding.

That's my inner crude feminist talking.

Greys loud announcement of my presence brought everyone's attention to me.

I raised a hand in a partial wave, before narrowing my eyes, remembering my previous reaction to their alleged betrayal.

"You guys bet on me."

The chorus of laughs and voiced out denials that followed my accusation caused me to smile.

I sighed, "Well go on, share the results at least."

I sat down on the plush carpet, a couple feet away from Bane, while noises of excitement and groans passed around the group of people. In the end, Grey benefited most.

I think it wasn't the notion of losing money, as much as it was losing money to Grey, that upset the group of immature adults in their early twenties.

As they settled down, they resumed regular conversation, as well as the TV show on the flatscreen.

Grey however, nudged my back with his foot, "So Lu, how was your date?"

I groaned, twisting on my spot to face him, "It wasn't a date date." I stated, narrowing my eyes at him as he pointedly smirked at a tense Bane, "But it was good, Damien's really nice— in fact, I think maybe you guys should meet—"

Adonis interjected immediately, "I don't think so Lura. Striker can continue being nice to you but he's not coming here anytime soon. I don't want to meet my baby sisters soon to be boyfriend." He finished, fake gagging to emphasize his point.

Grey groaned, "Fuck off Donny." He faced me, "Lu I think it'd be great if you invited him over— but uh— some of us," he said, narrowing his eyes at a pissed off, silent, Bane, "Aren't just quite ready for it— so lets wait a bit, yeah?"

I nodded, "Okay, I don't mind what about—" I was cut off by Banes angry voice this time.

"What, you have another boy you want to bring home, Alura?" He questioned.

The use of my full name didn't bode well with me— he never called me Alura.

I looked at Bane, confused, "Um no, I just thought we could do it on—"

"I don't care." He stated, getting up quickly and taking hurried strides to escape the room.

I looked around, the others had quietened down considerably, but when Grey motioned towards them, they hesitantly resumed conversations.

Jasmine looked at me, mouthing for me to go after him.

I got up, agreeing. I don't like leaving open ended disputes amongst myself and my friends.

I reached Bane's door, hesitantly knocking, "Bane?"

The grunt in reply encouraged me to continue, "I'm coming in, whether you like it or not—I just thought it would be nice to let you know that I am so you're fully clothed—"

He sighed heavily, "Come in Lure."

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