Twenty Seven

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The 20 minutes remaining of the lecture were uneventful. The Professor discussed several cases that groups in class had— warning the lot present about limited interaction with the participants within the case, specifically so; the jury.

As he dismissed us, I gathered my things, walking out of the slightly stuffy classroom to wait outside for Bane and the rest.

I pulled out my phone, leaning against the accent brick wall, resuming my online word game.

Hm. What five letter word can be created from

I felt a presence in front of me, and with the noisy chatter of Ado, Sam and Jonah, I decided that presence was Bane.

As if working in confirmation, his deep voice mumbled something.


"It's abide— the word you need to fill in." He elaborated.

I grinned up at him, "Thanks, I've been stuck on it for the past minute, whatever would I have ever done had you not come to my aid."

He smirked, rolling his eyes, "Oh, hm, I don't know— die?"

Laughing lightly in response, I playfully shoved him away. Glancing at Ado, I asked, "Are we heading home now?"

He jerked his head in a boy nod.

"Are you two coming with?" I questioned Sam and Jonah.

Sam shook his head, "Nah Lulu, we're heading
home— Leen Jonah and I, visiting my parents over the long weekend."

I cooed, "Aw well I'll miss you, but have fun with them."

Sam pulled me into his arms, engulfing me in a bear hug and messing up my hair, "Will miss you too pie."

I cheesed up at him— Sam has become one of my favourite people, the easiest to get along with, always drama free, very genuine and funny— and somehow comes up a different name to call me every time he addresses me.

Unentangling myself from Sam's embrace took some strength, and by the time I was free the rest of the guys were having a laugh at my expense.

I narrowed my eyes playfully, "I'm going to miss you a little less now."

Sam just grinned, shaking his head, "No you won't."

Rolling my eyes, I turned around, throwing a bye over my shoulder at Jonah.

Bane and Ado said their byes as well, meeting me at the car two minutes later.

I called shotgun, jumping in the front seat next to Bane, leaving Ado in the back.

We made our way through the lobby and up the elevator, reaching our place.

I grabbed my keys from my pocket, unlocking the door and walking in.

The sight of Jas and Maggie didn't surprise me— nor did it upset me.

Considering tomorrow was Friday, I'd have to ask them for tips and tricks, as well as fill them in on the Damien situation, and possibly go shopping for an outfit.

I walked towards them happily, joining the two on the large couch.

"Hey pretty's."

Jas grinned, "Hey Lure."

Maggie lunged over Jas to hug me, "Hello munch!"

I laughed lightly, "Hello again, Magpie." I paused before approaching the topic, "Um— do you guys have any plans for the rest of today and tomorrow?"

Maggie quickly muted the TV, turning towards me as Jas did, "Well if we did they're nada now— what do you need."

I smiled in relief, "Okay well Damien asked me on a date date, like a restaurant date— his grandma's which was passed down to him— it's tomorrow, and he's picking me up at 6– he said to dress all out, and I don't know what to wear— and I don't know any date rules— so..." I trailed off.

Jasmine narrowed her eyes, "Damien again?"

I grimaced, "Yes, Damien again."

Maggie nudged Jas, facing me with a bright smile, "Of course we can help munch— now, if he said 'all out' that means dress and heels and hair and face done, the whole shebang."

Jas nodded, "Knowing you, the only thing out of all that Mags listed is, well nothing actually— Lure we have to go shopping."

I groaned, "I cannot shop; malls hate me and I hate malls— it's never a good experience."

Maggie grinned, "Suck it up— get in bitches, we're going shopping!"

Jas enthused with her, clapping her hands excitedly.

Their excited ministrations led the guys into the living area.

Grey plopped down in the arm chair, clapping along before pausing, "Why're we clapping."

Ado and Bane adjusted themselves in the love seat— a funny sight because their broad bodies weren't the most accommodating.

Jas addressed Grey, "Because we're taking Lure shopping— and not for necessities this time— we're preparing her for a date date."

Greys face lit up, "Ah so Damien's pulling out the big guns huh?"

Bane, although looking put off, asked, "Where?"

Adonis joined in, "And when?"

I eyed them both, annoyed, "At his grandma's restaurant— she passed and handed it down to him— and at 6 tomorrow."

Bane grumbled but remained quiet otherwise. Adonis just nodded in reply.

Maggie diverted my attention from them, "So do you wanna go today? Tomorrow's going to be a bit rushed because it's an off Friday and that means the mall will be packed— we can go today at 4 ish— by then we would've eaten and planned stuff out, cover more grounds that way."

I smiled at her over preparing, "Okay we can go today." I turned to Bane, "You don't mind right?" I questioned in terms of Loki's care.

He looked furious, "Of course I mind, I told you he's a dou—"

I released an exasperated sigh, "Bane, I was talking about taking care of Loki."

His neck reddened, mumbling a low "fuck" before glancing at me and clearing his throat, "Yeah no I don't mind."

Adonis gave him a sympathy clap on his back, to which Bane grunted.

Jas clapped her hands, "Okay great, so we'll head out 4 ish— until then— male Moscow, let's go to Popeyes and bring some food."

I gave Ado my card to pay for the food, there was a lot of us so it'd be easier to split it.

I locked the door behind the two, going back to the living room.

Grey and Maggie were on the large couch, while Bane sat on the love seat with Loki in his lap.

I walked over to the two, fitting in the side of the small couch.

I whined, noting he'd gone rigid, "Bane, scooch over."

He sighed, lifting his arm and placing it around me, nudging me closer to his firm body. Loki let out a happy bark, climbing onto Banes lap further, settling in between us.

Maggie put on The Punisher, raising the volume and settling back against Grey; as I rest my head on Banes chest.

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