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He laughed, a cold, bone chilling laugh.

"What? You surprised doll?" He laughed again, shaking his head.

"So gullible—" He paused, the grin disappearing and an ugly angry expression taking over.

"You naive, dumb, bitch—" He advanced forwards, grabbing a handful of my hair, yanking it upwards, "You— ruined my fucking career as a fighter!" He yelled.

"You couldn't seriously believe I didn't care that you— A fucking girl" He spat with disgust, "Beat me."

I was frozen in shock, white hot terror shot through me— immobilizing me in the moment.

As he yanked on my hair a second time, my instincts came back to me— I ripped my hair out of his grasp— causing him to stumble.

Palms and knees still burning from the harsh fall, I got up with considerable difficulty, the heels not helping.

He gained his balance in a matter of seconds, laughing cruelly, "You think I'm going to let you go, bitch." He sneered, "You're not fucking getting out of here."

I moved backwards, further away from him, as he advanced towards me. He lunged at me— I barely ducked out of the way, taking the moment to pull off my heal and bring it down on his back.

He yelled out, cursing, throwing an aimless hand back to grab at me. He caught a hold of my dress, tugging harshly— the audible rip alerted me, and I sighed in relief that the material didn't expose me.

Angered, I yelled back at him, "Why would you do this— you're fucking sick!"

He turned around, "Why not? Toy with you, break your heart and get rid of you? It sounds perfect— the dress and heels was to make it all the more fun for me when I'm done with you." He stated, lunging for me again.

I noticed the object in his hand a little late— I moved out of his path— but the knife cut across my chest— a burning, stinging fire spreading across that area.

I held in a choked scream, bringing up my leg to roundhouse kick him in the head— though the weakened state of my legs resulted in little to no damage done to him.

He merely stumbled from the impact, but it was enough to give me a short time slot. I advanced forward, delivering five consecutive blows aimed at his vulnerabilities— face— hit— gut— hit— groin— hit— throat— hit— chest— hit.

Upon the last hit, he retaliated, the punch being weaker than the previous because of the state of my knuckles.

Taking the opportunity, he aimed a right hook to my jaw— only skimming it because I shifted out of the way.

He lunged towards me, "You fucking whore! You thought you were something—"

I cut him off, sending a harsh kick to his stomach— it barely fazed him— he moved towards me at incredible speed— shifting and grabbing me from the back.

His arm shifted behind me at the same time I realized he still had the knife in his hold. I struggled in his grip, sending a backwards kick to his groin, loosening his hold only slightly— I tore out of his grasp, only for him to bring down the knife on my shoulder— carving a deep cut into it.

I yelled out, screwing my eyes shut, the pain severe. Trying not to let it distract me— I tugged harshly on the arm holding the knife— twisting it to pop it out of place.

He yelled out, "Fucking slut!"

Not fazed this time, I tugged him closer— grabbing him in a deadlock, shifting it to a chokehold.

I shakily spoke up, the pain of my wounds and the situation weakening me, "I trusted you."

He choked out a maniacal laugh, "And that was your first mistake." He spat out.

I pressed down on his pressure point, bringing him to his knees— grabbing a hold of his neck I twisted it forcefully— knocking him out.

I let go of his body, letting it slump onto the floor of the supposed restaurant, taking shaky breaths in and out.

I didn't touch the bloody knife; no need to incriminate myself I thought.

Hurriedly walking towards the door— a deep rooted paranoia convincing me that Damien could gain consciousness— I fumbled with the lock, stumbling out of the diner.

Having removed his keys from his pocket, I got into his car, locking it and placed my head on the steering wheel— body shaking with tremors.

I couldn't bring myself to cry— a mental block in place to keep me from doing so.

Having a good sense of direction, I started up the car, recalling the police station we'd passed on the way here— roughly ten minutes before we reached.

Taking calculated turns, I made my way there. Getting out, I held onto the door of the car— my sight darkening— head dizzy. I took a second to collect myself, taking a few deep breaths, before closing the car door and walking into the building.

I would've laughed if in any other situation, with the way the officer stated at the front reacted.

"Uh— um— miss are you okay? Do you— do you need an officer? Stay— stay right here— I'll call someone down for— for you." He stammered out.

I silently nodded my head, the pain in my chest and shoulder— oh the pain in my shoulder— making it hard to speak.

Not even a moment later three officers rushed into the area; taking me in.

The senior male officer reached me in two long strides, "Oh little miss— come with me honey— let's get you sorted."

I walked forward— only then noticing how cold the tiled floor felt— the lack of footwear apparent.

He smiled gently at me, guiding me into one of the questioning rooms— Officer Langley.

He had a paramedics come and clean my wounds before proceeding. After having me explain the situation, filing a report and identifying Damien— he sent units to the restaurant immediately.

Officer Langley asked me to wait in the room while they 'extracted the perpetrator from the crime scene'.

Ten minutes later, a commotion could be heard through the room at the front of the building. I craned my head with difficulty to view it.

Damien was struggling with the officers, cursing and causing a scene. I froze in my seat as he spotted me, sneering viciously, only getting louder.

I could hear him faintly, blaming me for now ruining his life as well. Regardless of being on the opposite side of the sturdy wall, I was struck with fear.

The click of the door opening brought me out of my reverie— turning my head I looked towards it, spotting Officer Langley with a petite female officer.

"Alura, this is Officer Bennet, she'll escort you back to your place, that alright?"

I nodded, offering him a small smile.

As I exited the room following Officer Bennet, Officer Langley placed a hand on my uninjured shoulder, eyes saddening as he noticed my flinch, "Don't worry little miss, that bastard is going to be put away if I have any say in it."

I nodded, the tension in my body relieving slightly.

I exited the station with Officer Bennet, who— the entire way to the penthouse— gave me worried side glances. I offered her what I hoped resembled a reassuring smile.

As she parked to the front of my building, I hurriedly got out of the car.

"Thank you, I'll be okay from here."

She nodded hesitantly in reply, calling a light bye after me.

I took the side entrance, using the private moving elevator to avoid being seen; and made my way up to the penthouse.

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