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The three day wait until Bane's arrival went by fairly quickly.

Within the first day I had finished unpacking, and on the second I set up my room, personalizing it.

Thinking of my 'personalization' brought a smile to my face— I had thoroughly decorated the joint washroom with my belongings.

There were even different scented shampoos, conditioners, and body washes set out on one of the shelves placed in the standing shower.

Despite what you may think, I did leave him half the space. He gets one shelf in the standing shower, the left side of the cabinets beneath the sink, and two of the four shelves attached above the counter top.

Seems decent enough to me.

I don't wear perfume, I find it mixes in with the smell of sweat when I work out, and pollutes my clothes. So I smell more like my shampoo or body washes/lotions.

Yesterday I had gone out for some shopping with Jasmine and Maggie.

I already had casual day wear, but needed to buy a couple more sports wear items. The trip was, thankfully, a success, so I didn't waste three hours of my life in the outlet mall.

I purchased two gym tights, and a pair of nike at home/gym shorts. Along with that I bought three sports bras and a sweatband.

On our way home we had stopped by a medical clinic for me. I'm 5'5, but I have a knee problem.

It's not due to my build though. My knee took a hard hit while fighting this challenger who had come from an outer province roughly a year ago. He was ruthless, although I put up a fair fight and we tied.

The audience was pissed, deadlocks aren't common in a fighting gym, so the 'tie' set them off.

The guy had disappeared after the fight; he seemed attractive, but wore a cover that only displayed half his face.

Then again, more than half the guys who fought at my gym were attractive, cocky, assholes.

That aside; I was at the medical clinic to buy knee tape, so it balances and doesn't strain while I train and fight.

Today I woke up at 9 AM, as usual due to Loki's insistent yapping. Over the past couple days Loki's morning ritual had conditioned both Grey and Adonis to our routine.

It was cute really, we were like a mini family. Accordingly so, Greys favourite entrance greeting was "Honey I'm home!"

As I got out of bed, I pulled on a large UBC tee, paired with a comfortable pair of shorts, and went to the washroom to wash up.

Tying my hair in a top knot, I pulled on socks and sandals, and walked out to the kitchen. It's a peeve of mine: being barefoot in the house, regardless of the fact that it's summer in its after-prime-time.

Entering the kitchen, I wasn't surprised to see food on the countertop, with both guys lounging on the stools surrounding it.

I called out to make my presence known,

Both Grey and Adonis turned their heads towards me, a smile spreading across both of their faces in alarmingly perfect synchronization.

Evaluating the almost giddy expression on Greys face, I knew he had something to say.

"Luuuuuu" he said, stretching out his nickname for me, "Are you excited to meet our new roomie?"

Letting out a boyish laugh, Adonis adds on "Don't you mean her bathroomie."

Both of them dissolved in a fit of laughter, no longer concerned with my dislike for the situation, having established that I didn't want, nor had the option to, move out.

Letting them carry on, I turned to the food, eager to eat. After piling some eggs, bacon, and buttered toast onto my plate, I got up to grab a glass of chocolate milk.

Once I was reseated, I faced the two tit heads.

"When is he going to reach here?"

"Oh, well I'm uh not exactly sure, I didn't want to sound clingy so I didn't ask him what time, all I know is that it's sometimes today." Grey replied, blushing slightly.

Groaning, I intervened before Ado could. "Grey you door knob, he's not your girlfriend, I don't think he'd give a single chicken fried fuck if you asked him what time he'd be arriving."

Ado nodded. "Yeah, come on Dawson, that's a pussy move."

I chuckled lightly, "Whatever, as long as he doesn't come righ— DING DONG— You're kidding. Tell me this is just a terrible coincidence."

Grey pushed me off the stool, "Go get the door Lu, I'm too nervous, aw man, do we have food left? Should I make some more bacon— Lu get the door!"

He addressed me again, noticing I hadn't moved from my previous position. Letting out an aggravated sigh, I trudged towards the door, dragging my feet the whole way.

I unlocked the door and tugged it open harshly, nearly getting hit by the force of it. Along with the unpleasant force of the door, I held in a gasp at the body, and face, that greeted me.

The built, 6 foot something guy, looking like he came straight out of a GQ magazine, was staring at me with a generally passive face.

As if I was a mere inconvenience in his way.

Seizing my control on reality once again, I opened my mouth to talk, but he beat me to it.

With narrowed accusing eyes, he pointed a finger at me.

"You're not Grey, you don't look like an Adonis either."

Easily annoyed I replied "Well fuck, you're smarter than you look."

Apparently he was not amused, looking frustrated, he continued "Where the hell— look lady, did I get the wrong apartment?"

The nerve of that asshole oh my god. Though fuming, I was confused; he seemed familiar.

That, and the fact that, taking longer than usual, I put 2 and 2 together.

This was Bane O'Neill, my new 'bathroomie', as Adonis had so eloquently put it. And he was a complete douche.

Great, so much for being friends.

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