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Faint words made their way past my ears. I could here movement, voices speaking, and vague clicks. As my senses came forward, I was surrounded by an attractive male scent.

Inhaling— Burberry cologne and apples— Bane.

I attempted shifting slightly, only then recognizing that I was caged between a set of muscular arms. My legs were also weighed down by a heavy weight.

It was incredibly warm— and comfortable. I sighed, shifting a little more to snuggle deeper into the crook my head was resting in.

After my analysis of the situation, I was certain I was within Banes embrace. And if the girly cooing was anything to go by, I assumed we had an audience.

I peeked open an eye, surveying my surroundings. In front of me was the side of the couch. To the left was Banes defined jaw, leading to his neck and shoulder.

I took a moment to appreciate the way his neck was structured. That's creepy, but I wasn't aware a neck had the ability to look so attractive.

I— with considerable difficulty— turned my head to my right, considering my peripheral vision was not favouring me at the moment.

I should've been surprised, but having known these guys for a while, I honestly can say I was not phased at all.

In front of me were Jasmine and Maggie, both with their phones in hand, eyes glimmering in adoration, and smiles abnormally wide.

I half smiled at them, "Hey you two."

Maggie squealed, for several seconds, before replying.

"Hi munchkin, you look awfully snug, is there something occurring that I should be aware of as your interim mom?"

Jasmine winks, smiling and going along with her. "Perhaps relating to that treat that has you wrapped up like a whole burrito."

I flushed, letting out sounds of denial. If you can imagine those in your head. You know like variations of "pfffft" or "pshh."

I stopped laughing at their wiggling eyebrows and identically excited looks, having felt movement from behind—underneath/beside— me.

Bane's incoherent grumble signalled that he was waking up— his large hand moved from its previous position and trailed down to the back of my thigh, wrapping around it with a tight grip— or not.

I could feel my whole body warming. Hearing Jas and Maggie let out a series of hushed squeals, I gave them a playful glare.

"Where are Adonis and Grey?" I asked, attempting to avert their attention.

"Oh Donny and Grey went to buy some groceries, it's Taco Tuesday!" Maggie exclaimed.

Jasmine too was excited, her attention easily diverted.

"Basically, Taco Tuesday is where we—well it's self explanatory— but we make tacos, on a Tuesday. We sent Ado and Grey to buy the groceries, while we came here to check up on you two."

I was confused, Tuesday? It was a face palm moment. Of course it's a fucking Tuesday Alura, it's light outside.

You slept when you got home last night, on the couch with Bane. You slept with Bane. Overnight. On the couch.

"Oh." I replied offhandedly.

Maggie nodded, "Yeah, so wake up the real Adonis and freshen up munch! It's a little bit past noon, so it's the perfect time to have tacos."

Jas tugged on Maggie's arm, "Come on Magpie, we'll go to our apartment and bring over Loki for his parents, I'm sure he's had enough play time with Kitkat."

Maggie and Jas had a cat, Kitkat, who—when Maggie and Grey had taken Loki with them for an outing— had met, and taken a great liking to, Loki. They'd decided to have a play date yesterday. It was slightly weird, albeit refreshing, considering Loki doesn't get along with humans, let alone animals— and that too, a cat.

Maggie groaned, mumbling something inaudibly about Loki's love for Kitkat and his lack thereof for her.

Jas and I shared an amused look, as she pulled Maggie by the arm, dragging her towards the door as she waved bye.

I gave her a quick grin, wiggling my fingers in a wave motion, seeing as I didn't have full function of my arm yet.

As the door locked behind the two, I refocused my attention on the situation at hand.

I was half sprawled across Bane, his hand still had an insistent hold of my thigh, and my head was positioned by his neck. Bane's head was tilted backwards on the arm of the couch.

I slowly pulled an arm out of his hold, lifting a hand to poke at his face. I poked it roughly seven times before I gained any sort of reaction from him.

By the seventh poke his grip on my thigh tightened, a slight smile adorning his lips.

I inhaled sharply, before staring at him accusingly.

"How long have you been awake?"

His smile widened, eyes still closed, "Long enough to know you had a fun time staring at my face."

I grumbled, pushing at his arms and shoulder, attempting to pull away. It was then that his eyes snapped open, now grinning and facing me, he taunted, "Ah don't be shy sweetness, I don't mind it, and really, I don't blame you."

"Shut up you doorknob, let go of me. The girls will be here in a few, Ado and Grey too. I need to wash up."

Heaving a dramatic sigh, Bane finally loosened his hold, leaving me room to move away.

Not wanting to get caught in another heart threatening situation, I quickly removed myself from his hold.

I stood up, stretching my sore limbs. Bane's eyes followed my movements, though he remained situated on the couch.

I smirked inwardly. I was barely covered in a cropped loose tee and small nike shorts, so my toned body was on display. Okay so I was purposely being catty, but he deserves to know I'm somewhat attractive.

Bane's eyes had considerably darkened, and I suddenly regretted my decision to subtly show off.

I quickly mumbled a bit about heading to the washroom, and made my way out of the living area.

Once in the washroom, I washed my face with cold water, letting the water air dry while I brushed my teeth.

I applied some face cream on my dewy skin, rubbing a sweet kiwi and strawberry balm across my lips.

Brushing a hand through my tangled hair, I left it as it was.

I grabbed a long sleeve UFG shirt that was on Banes side of the washroom, pulling it on. It was slightly chilly in the apartment due to air conditioning, and I dislike when my upper body is covered in goosebumps.

The smell of Bane overwhelmed my senses, and I took a moment before proceeding out of the washroom.

Just as I reached the living room, the bell sounded.

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