Thirty One

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I walked out of the elevator as it stopped on the PH level. Approaching the apartment door,I remembered I'd left my keys at home— taking a deep breath in, I rang the doorbell.

I imagined what I would look like— my previously done hair disheveled and dirty, partially caked with blood. My cheek bruised a nasty mix of green and purple, lower lip busted. Bloody bandages on my shoulder and chest, the dress I'd worn having been ripped and dirtied— covered in blood.

Damien. He was right—I was a naive, dumb, bitch. I let him get so close— so fast.

Loud voices and laughter were heard on the other side of the door— a moment later the door swung open, revealing a grinning Adonis, Bane and Grey— all three faltering at my appearance.

I lifted a hand in greeting, tears welling up in my eyes once more.

"Well, uh— you were right— he wasn't a good guy— he took me to his grandma's restaurant— but that was a cover— I— he tried to—"

I shook my head, wincing when it twinged in pain, the lump in my throat growing more prominent, "I— yeah, if I'd just listened—"

Struggling to continue talking with the ache lodged in my throat— my tears fell.

In two large strides, Adonis had me cocooned in his arms, holding me steady as I felt my body crumple— using my hands to fist his shirt.

I could faintly hear Bane's fists smashing into various things over the sound of the blood rushing in my ear. Grey was cussing and making calls— from what it seemed.

A couple moments later the crashing ceased, and I felt Adonis' warmth replaced by a firmer broader body. Bane.

With the way he held me against him— a hand behind my head, pressing me into his chest, another situated around my waist— I broke down. The sound of my loud broken sobs blocked out the rest of the noise— or maybe they stopped altogether.

As my sobs lessened, I was left sniffling, with the occasional hiccup.

He'd gradually shifted me onto the couch, seating me on his lap, where I clung to him, face remaining pressed into his chest.

Focussing on my surroundings once more, I could hear Bane's voice loudly cursing and arguing with either Adonis or Grey— taking a pause to mumble sweet nothings in my ear in attempt to make me feel better— before resuming his loud argument.

The slam of a door alerted me— one of the remaining two had exited the living area. I lifted my head slightly, turning so my cheek pressed against Banes chest, making it easier to observe my surroundings.

Adonis and Grey had both left— if the empty living area was anything to go by.

Bane, having noticed my movement, shifted slightly.

"Sweetness?" He questioned softly.

I snuggled my face into his shirt, "Mmm."

"I'm going to take you to my room okay?"

I nodded, flinching and wincing when he lifted me up with him, cradling me in his hold.

As he walked us into his room, he set me down on the spare chair, stepping back to get a good look at me.

His eyes expressed a myriad of emotions, for once— anger, hate, sadness, and something else I couldn't quite place.

He brought his warm hands to cup my face, tilting my head up to face him, "Fuck baby— I wish you'd listened to me."

Despite my battered and bruised state, I felt the warmth rush through my veins at the term of endearment.

He brushed his thumb across my bruised cheek, frowning when I fought a noticeable grimace.

He stepped back, letting his hands drop, "You change and undress, I'll run you a warm bath— stay with you as you wash up."

I nodded, not trusting my voice entirely.

As Bane retreated into the bathroom, I got off the chair carefully— taking off my dress with deliberately slow movements, to not agitate my shoulder or chest.

I let the dress, or what was left of it, pool on the floor at my feet, stepping out of it.

I could see myself— the nude bra and panties, the bloody bandages— in Banes large mirror.
Not wanting to focus too much on the bruises, cuts, and scratches on my body, I walked towards the washroom, hesitantly pushing open the door.

Bane, crouched down next to the tub, swiftly turned around at the sound of the door opening.

His eyes raked over my body— visibly in concern— gaze darkening. I watched his adam's apple bob up and come down— swallowing thickly.

"Come here." He mumbled throatily.

I took steady steps towards him— fearing he could hear the sound of my heart beating— coming to a stop less than a foot away from him.

Bane rose to his feet, standing tall— looking down at me. I felt him coming closer, lessening the little space between us, before he abruptly pulled away.

I felt my stomach churn in disappointment, choosing to ignore it and focusing on the now ready bath.

I didn't remove my undergarments, holding onto the wall and stepping into the tub. Bane watched me with cautious eyes, shoulders tense as if waiting for me to slip.

I lowered myself into the warm water, feeling the tension in my muscles loosen as soon as I got in.

The tub was quite large. I moved towards the window-side wall, leaving room in the tub for another person.

I gestured to Bane, "Sit on the edge— see I made you room, you can dip your feet in." I said, voice scratchy from today's events.

He smiled slightly, shaking his head, "Okay."

He rolled up his sweats, sitting on the extended ledge of the bathtub, placing his feet in the water.

I lay my head against the built in head rest— closing my eyes.

As I finished washing my hair, Bane spoke up.

"Lure— what did he, I— where is he?"

He was referring to Damien.

Realizing Bane had little to no idea what happened, I painfully recalled the entire night— retelling it to him.

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