Forty One

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It was thanksgiving today.

Adonis and I are heading down to Hamilton to see mama and the rest of the family, and everyone else is heading to their homes.

Jas and her brother's are heading out of the country for the weekend on vacation, her parents being inattentive and not the best support.

Maggie and Grey have their own plans with Grey's family, and Sam, Leen, and Jonah are spending the weekend with the twins' parents in Oakville.

Bane— I have no idea what his plans are, I should ask him.

We have progressed into an undefinable relationship; we touch and kiss, but we don't have a label.

So essentially, we're both whores with commitment issues.

I walked through the adjoining bathroom, straight into Banes, invading his privacy to question him about his plans. 

"What're you doing for Thanksgiving?" I asked, climbing on his bed to sit atop his abdomen.

His eyes were closed, but he wasn't sleeping— so that's another progression: he doesn't sleep without me.

He mumbled something, arm covering his face, making the words unintelligible.

I grabbed his arm, tugging it off his face, "What are your plans?" I asked again.

"Don't have any— sonny and parents heading to Florida to visit grandparents— I'll probably start studying for midterms."

I frowned, "Yeah, no. You're going with Donny and I— a meet and greet with my mum and stepdad." I exclaimed.

To this he shuffled slightly, opening his eyes, a smirk tugging at his lips.

"Introducing me to the parents already Lure?"

I groaned, "Shut up, it's not like that."

He nodded, "Of course, right, I'm just a fuck and chuck to you." He fake sniffled to add onto the dramatics.

Rolling my eyes, I leaned down, "Good, you know your place."

Giving him a quick kiss, I got off him, hurriedly walking out of the room.

"Adonis! Bane is— mmmff"

My yell was interrupted by Banes insistent mouth, landing a bruising kiss on my lips, before pulling away and grinning, satisfied.

I stared at him for a moment, mildly disabled by his touch, like always—

I heard Donny's belching noise, "God, it's still fucking weird to see that." He grumbled.

I turned to him, placing my hands on my hips, "Bane is going with us for the weekend." I stated.

He nodded, "Cool, I'll call mama and let her know."

"Okay you do that, I'm going to call Papa because I haven't talked to the guy in what feels like a year and I'll most definitely get disowned from that half of that family if I don't call for Thanksgiving."

I shoved Bane in the direction of his room, "You mister, need to pack— grab four outfits and PJ's, a toothbrush, deo, and make sure two of the four outfits are formal."

He muttered a "yes ma'am", before trudging into his room as I followed behind.

I sat down on his bed, pulling out my phone to call dad.

I held it to my ear, waiting three dial tones before he picked up, "Hello?"

"Hey Papa..." I said slowly. 

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