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We parked in the lot before the gym, quickly getting out of the jeep and making our way in.

Several eyes were on us as we entered, though I'd become accustom to it. We moved steadily towards the check-in.

Ado had made my gym card a couple days after I had arrived, so I didn't need to wait at reception.

I swiped my card and walked through, following the guys to the change rooms.

I couldn't see the girls change-room ahead, though I noticed a hallway on the opposite side of the change room the guys were headed towards.

Maybe that's where the girls change room is? I called out to Adonis just for confirmation sake.

"Ado, the ladies change-room is down that hallway right?"

Ado and Bane paused, a confused expression crossing his face, "Uh Lure, there is no ladies change-room." He replied hesitantly.

I snorted, how absurd. "What, so we come ready from home?" I questioned.

Laughing, I added "Or change in the guys change-room."

I enjoyed my ridiculous assumption, giggling some more.

However, as I glanced at Adonis' expression, he was wincing. I quickly turned towards Bane, who was staring at Adonis uneasily.

When he noticed my stare, he shifted, meeting my eyes.

"Ah, sweetness? The change-room here is all inclusive. From what I know, there are barely any female fighters, so they didn't bother creating a separate change room."

Adonis quickly added on. "Uh yeah, so you'll be changing in the same area as us."

It took me a second to let it settle. Anger took over another second later. Why wouldn't they create a separate change room.

Guys are dogs, how could they just thrust us into the same change-room and call it all inclusive.

Unfortunately, my reasonable persona joined the argument, opting to understand their reasoning to do so.

Maybe they viewed it in a more financial light, if there's few female participants, why waste money creating a whole separate change-room.

Also, it would promote a sense of equality amongst female and male participants. They can't view us differently then, we'd be on the same level.

My thoughts were cut off by a clearing of throat, though I didn't recognize it as Adonis' nor Bane's.

Turning around I saw a guy a couple inches taller than me, making a point of looking down at me with a smirk.

"I'm going to need you to move your fine ass aside. I've got a fight, and you're in the way... though you can come as my cheerleader," he stated, the smirk on his face widening as he looked me up and down. 

I grimaced in disgust. Pig, I thought.

Smiling sarcastically up at him, I replied "How about you cheerlead for me? I'll actually win."

The smirk fell off his face. An angry, ugly, red one taking its place. "This isn't LifeTime or GoodLife, it's a fighting gym doll face, so you're in the wrong place." He finished with a cold smile.

Just as I was about to snap back, a large warm hand rested on my lower back, and Bane's manly scent of cologne mixed with apples washed over my senses.

Feeling light headed for a second, I stepped back, further into his body. At the same time I felt Adonis stand by my other side.

The guy, who had yet to be named, faltered, taking in the presence of both guys.

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