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Bane wasn't in the living room when I left the washroom to get the door. He might be in the kitchen, probably setting up the place for cooking in ease.

I speed walked towards the door. The second after I unlocked and opened it, Loki had pounced on me, sending me falling backwards.

I landed on my ass with considerable force, and lay there partially immobile while Loki licked my face and barked happily.

I could hear the laughter and talk of the rest of them, finding my situation amusing.

Hearing footsteps approach, I titled my head back and caught sight of Bane around the same time Loki did.

Having missed his dad, he hurtled into Bane, reaching up on his hind legs to get closer to his face.

While Bane and Loki reunited, I slowly sat up in a sitting position, ass still sore from landing so hard.

I got up with caution, while Loki had trotted off, Bane had remained, enjoying the discomfort of my situation.

"Fuck off to the kitchen, I'll make my way there slowly." I told him, proceeding with caution.

He laughed, shaking his head, "Come here sweetness, I'll give you a piggy back ride to the kitchen."

I was being dramatic. The soreness was going away quickly, however I couldn't pass up a piggy back.

"Get over here then, I can't move."

Bane positioned himself lower so I could climb on, his arms tightening under the backs of my thighs as mine tightened around his neck, and made his way over to the kitchen.

As we entered, I caught sight of Grey, Adonis, Jasmine, and Maggie setting up the place. Grey was the first to catch sight of us.

"Honey, you're home! With a skank on your back!" He exclaimed, all the while maintaining a cheery tone.

I burst into laughter, followed by the others, Bane included.

"Shut up Grey." I replied.

He chuckled lightly, making his way over to where Bane and I were, extending his arms to help me down.

Bane passed me onto Grey like a sack of potatoes, who then placed me on the moving island.

"There Lu, now you can sit here and be wheeled around, since you're clearly of no use otherwise."

Maggie chose to come to my rescue, "It's okay munch, I'll sit with you and we can be equally useless."

Adonis rolled his eyes, "Okay so since our two pets aren't going to be able to help."

He paused, turning towards Bane with a knife, "Bane, you'll help with cutting the vegetables, that okay?"

"Yeah, I'll need a bigger knife though." He said while eyeing the knife with distaste.

"Here," Jasmine offered him a larger knife, "I'll be cooking the meat we're putting into the tacos, and Grey, you're going to be shredding cheese, while Ado is going to cover making the salsa and the hard and soft shells." She concluded.

There were a chorus of "yes ma'am"'s heard from the functioning audience members, and then they set to work.

Around an hour of cooking, cursing, and perving on Bane, later, the tacos were ready. We sat down at the table, which Maggie and I had set up, quite proudly.

The tacos were finished within two hours, consisting of us talking, joking around, and eating. After which we went towards the living room, settling in the couches.

I sat down in the couch Bane and I had slept in, and Bane came to sit on my right, laying an arm around my shoulder and lightly nudging me towards him.

Maggie and Grey joined us on the couch, while Ado and Jas took up the love seat.

It was silent for a bit, before Grey intervened.

"So, law school starts in a week and a half, thoughts?"

I was quiet for a little before answering, "Honestly, nervous? To an extent, I mean? I don't know, it's like... it's not high school, but it's not university either. It's just a level past that?"

Ado nodded in agreement, "Yeah I get that Lure, but hey, at least this time 'round you have me— Oh and Bane and Grey."

I smiled slightly, I hadn't gone to school with Ado since around fourth grade, so it was definitely going to factor in the experience. I turned to Jas as she started speaking.

"You guys have Law school, Mags and I have nursing though, and everyone says nursing is like first year uni."

"Uh huh, it's all cliquey and mean girls and all, ya know?" Added Maggie, seemingly in support of Jas's claim.

I wasn't aware of the other graduate school situations, just lucky that I had the guys with me in Law school.

Heaving a dramatic sigh, Grey contributed his own two cents.

"It's okay guys, I've always been the cool kid before, and you guys will too, just by pure association with me, so you're welcome."

We laughed lightly, humouring him. Grey was able to lighten most situations.

"Thank you honey, for that touching advice." Bane drawled sarcastically. The movement of his chest behind me distracted me while he talked.

Addressing the rest of the group, he added, "I don't know how it works, but we're all in our 20's. I think we can figure it out."

Wiping a pretend tear of her cheek, Maggie replied, "Touching, truly emotionally moving."

Jas diverted our attention quickly, engaging us in topics of materials and items required for school.

It felt like ninth grade again, save for the fact that now instead of deciding which pencil cases we'd get, we were deciding on wallets and notepads.

I was sure this time was going to fly by, it is only a week and some. Keeping in mind that we're going to be busy with preparations and orientation week.

I nestled into Banes hold, warmth flooding my body.

His hand was rubbing my left shoulder, and I tilted my head backwards, enjoying the feeling.

I wasn't one to develop feelings easily, but bodily reactions were a different scenario.

I'd always had guy friends, but never a guy best friend.

No, Adonis doesn't count.

Bane was starting to feel like one though.

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