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"Attention passengers we have landed in Toronto, Ontario. Please proceed to..."

I drowned out the rest of the attendants voice, opening my eyes and containing a yawn.

My headphones had since fallen off, laying limply in my lap. I look towards my left and saw that Loki was still asleep within his carrier.

Not wanting to bother the pup, I got up and brought down my duffles, slinging them across my shoulders, and bent down to grab Loki's carrier.

The movement must've awaken him, because he let out a little yap, though made no protest to remaining in the carrier.

The passengers started to slowly trickle out of the plane, passing through the aisles. I followed behind, soon enough placing my feet on the ground. Sweet sweet ground.

I made my way through the halls, reaching the baggage claim, and quickly asked a helper to assist me.

After around ten minutes, Loki started getting impatient and I had to remove him from his carrier, once again holding him in my arms.

I took a quick look around, looking for familiar faces, only to find none. There were several eyes on me, not that I cared, I was used to being stared at.

My friends back in BC used to say it was because of my 'killer bod', though I don't see it. I personally think they're staring because of my odd hair, that, and the adorable ball of fluff in my arms.

The helper who had gone to fetch my baggage came back with a trolley with both suitcases  present. After handing him a tip, I grabbed hold of the trolley and pushed my way out to the front; the commonly known waiting area.

I couldn't spot Ado, and after five minutes of aimless head turning and standing on my tippy toes, I gave up and wheeled the trolley over to a pillar to lean against.

I pulled out my phone to check if Ado had left any messages, only to feel a presence towards my left.

Before I could react, two strong hands covered my eyes, followed by boyish laughter and Loki's angry yips at my supposed assailant.

I loosened my arms to let Loki free, who took the opportunity to jump down and assumingely pull at the assailants leg, if their surprised yell was anything to go by.

"Hey what the fuck, bad doggo, no!"

"Oh shut up Grey the pup probably can't understand you."


The hands dropped from my eyes, and I took in the scene before me with amusement. There was a fairly attractive guy, who's pant leg was getting mauled by Loki, and to his left stood a near replica of my dad, except with dark hair similar to my mum's; Adonis.

Ado reached forward to pull me into a hug, ruffling my hair, as if it wasn't a nest enough.

"Agh, what took you so long, I've been waiting for a year" I complained.

"Okay I have a perfectly reasonable excuse, the douche to my right—"

"Hey! This douche has a name thank you very much" the guy huffed.

"I am the great Grey, you may have heard of me through stories but you have unfortunately never had the pleasure of getting to meet me, until now, that is." He concluded with a wink.

"I can't say you've been a hot topic, though I think Adonis mentioned you a couple times, something about a cheesecake thief and pure nuisance?"

Grey looked amused at my response rather than offended, leading me to believe I could have a potential friend in him.

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