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I reached the edge of the podium, the square platform surrounded by rope in which the fighters spar.

Looking for the steps, I saw they were on the other side. Moving towards them, I was stopped by Bane.

"Give me your hand."

Looking up, I analyzed quickly. There wasn't a prominent distance between me and him, I could easily get down from it with a light jump.

Nodding, I reached my hand up, clasping his much larger one, and with a tug he had me on the edge of the podium.

Pulling one leg over the rope, I followed with the other, entering the makeshift ring.

Bane wore a look of little expression, though his eyes were alight.

The crowd, having quietened down as I reached the platform and became visible, were now speaking out. And not the most supportive things. Choosing to ignore them, I focussed on Bane, giving him a nod to begin.

The two of us got in form; him getting ready to strike, and me waiting for the first move to be made.

In one quick movement, he faked right and delivered a punch to my left gut.

I stumbled back, not having anticipated it, and as usual, forgetting to cover my left side.

Anger pulsed through me, encouraged by shots of adrenaline, and I made quick work of Bane.

While he blocked the two punches aimed at his side and chin, I brought up my leg and landed a solid roundhouse kick to his chest.

As he struggled to gain balance, I moved forward again, cornering him into the right hand side, and delivered a series of punches to his abdomen.

He blocked three of the five, and got irritated, giving me a hard shove, followed by a kick to the rib, sending me into the ropes by the sheer force of it.

As he advanced forward, he sent a punch to my jaw, which I narrowly avoided, ducking down and clipping him in the chin with my elbow.

Without giving him time to recover, I manoeuvred around him, decking him in the face.

I knew my punch was hard, it would leave a bruise, but he wasn't too affected and was quick to retaliate.

He grazed my cheek with a solid right hook, and moved around me to restrain my arms.

Pulling my head forward, I threw it backwards, butting him in the jaw.

Bane's hold loosened a fraction, enough for me to get away, though he was still positioned behind me and gave the back of my uninjured knee a hit, bending it inwards causing me to fall.

As he moved towards me, I chose to bring in my gymnastics training too. Doing a quick backhand spring, I landed a few feet away from him.

Taking advantage of his surprise, I charged at him at full speed, tumbling him to the ground, landing a top with my elbow at his throat.

At the same time he'd positioned his arms around my neck in a dead lock.

Panting heavily, I was hit with silence, as opposed to the loud cheering and booing that was happening throughout our fight.

Fuck. We tied again.

Bane let go of my neck, giving me room to get off him. I lent him a hand, helping him up as well. We were both sweaty messes.

Adonis, who I'd forgotten about, let out a loud whoop of excitement. As if acting as a trigger, the rest of the crowd erupted as well.

I laughed, turning to Bane, who opened his arms.

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