Twenty Five

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I pushed open the door, taking cautious steps inside.

I looked around the room, focusing on the bed where his hunched over figure sat. Bane was seated on the side opposite me.

I walked towards the bed, reaching the side closer to me and climbing on, crawling across it to sit next to him.

I nudged his shoulder with my own, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong Lure."

"Cut the shit, what is it?"

"I said nothing." He stressed, his voice raising slightly.

"I— is it Damien?"

He stood up suddenly, "Of course it fucking is."

Well so much for 'nothings wrong' I thought.

I followed, facing him, "I don't get it. Yes I went out on a date with him, but Adonis already plays the role of my older brother, I don't need you pretending like you are too."

"I'm not trying to be your older brother— I just care about you, and that douche is no good." He gently grabbed my arms, "Lure he fights, he's fought you before— he could be—"

"Bane— I know he fights, and that he's fought me before. He told me—He didn't hold my win over him against me— and if anything, he praised me for it—"

"Sweetness no— I saw him after your match— he was shit pissed— cussing people out and making a scene, you don't understand."

"Listen, that was in the moment. He already told me his take on it and I'm going to believe him." I stated with finality.

Turning around, I twisted out of his grip, walking towards the door before pausing.

I turned back, "I don't know why you're so hell bent against him and I, but if I want to see him— which I haven't wanted with anyone else besides y— I— I'm going to do so."

I parted with that, opening the door and walking out.

Clearly my brain doesn't remain coherent with my mouth.

I was quarter way down the hall before his voice reached out to me.

"You have me— and Grey and Moscow— you don't need him."

Angered, I whipped around, "I don't know where your misplaced jealousy came from, but if you have something to say, say it directly."

I disregarded the crew in the living area, leaving Bane in the hall, and stormed into my room. I closed my door with force, locking it, and throwing myself onto my bed.

After thirty minutes of contemplating all of my life decisions up until said moment, I sat up. Thankfully, none of the guys or girls had attempted to talk to me.

I got off my bed, hearing slight whining at the door, followed by scratching. I walked to the door quickly— opening it because those were tell tale Loki signs.

I provided Loki enough room to comfortably pad into my room, before shutting it close once again.

I crouched down to pet him, which he took as an open invitation to lather me in slobber. With Loki's growing body over my own, I lay on the floor, scratching his head and letting him play around me for a bit.

The Bane and Damien scenario left my thoughts for a bit— pets work wonders.

After a couple more minutes of playing, I brought Loki's furry body close to me, cuddling him.

Regardless of being a German Shepherd, Loki was the biggest cuddler.

He placed his snout on my shoulder, getting comfortable in my hold.

I sighed, my thoughts from earlier plaguing my mind once more.

Bane, although being the closest thing to a best friend, was not open with me. Hell, I feel like I know Damien better than him— at least Damien told me about his family.

I don't know a rats ass about Banes anything— aside from shallow things like his favourite foods, drinks, shows, and fighting moves.

The knock at my door startled me— Having gotten over my earlier fit, I mumbled a "Come in."

The door was pushed open, Jas coming in.

"Hey Lura, Jonah, Sam, and Leen left— Grey, Mags, Ado and I are in the kitchen— you want to come join us? We're just starting to prepare dinner."

I offered her a smile, in attempt to show her I wasn't being a 17 year old anymore— and nodded.

"I'll come right out, let me just change into pajamas."

I turned around, expecting her to have moved to leave, but she stayed at my door.

"Um, you need something Jassy?"

"Well— you see— the rest of us don't want to risk pissing him off, so if you could just pretty please ask Bane to join us for dinner?"

"I—" Jas cut me off hurriedly.

"Great! Thankyou, see you both in a few!"

I shook my head at her antics, but quickly changed into comfy nike shorts and a tank top, getting up to take Bane out of his room.

I walked through the connecting washroom into Banes room.

I stopped three steps in, taking in the sight of Bane changing into a t-shirt, still covering his face and head, obscuring his vision.

My vision was anything but obscured though. I let my eyes wander over his broad defined shoulders, toned chest, and — 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8–  eight pack, leading to the defined v-lines that disappeared into his low sweats.

I cleared my throat, and in an instant Bane tugged the shirt down, revealing his slightly flushed face.

His eyes trailed over my form, going dark, before roughly reaching into his drawers, picking out some material. He reached me in three long strides, pulling his shirt over my head, engulfing my body in his shirt, and my senses in his smell.

Despite being in a daze, I caught hold of reality.

"Hey! My top was just fine thank you very much." I grumbled.

He chuckled slightly, before sobering quickly.

Crossing his arms, he asks, "Why're you here".

"Bane", I sighed, "I didn't want to fight with you, I just—" I tucked my hair behind my ear "Want you to trust my judgement, okay?"

He grumbled, "I can never stay angry with you. You fucking heartbreaker—" He uncrossed him arms, rolling his eyes, "Come'er."

I smiled giddily, throwing my arms around his waist. I looked up at him, "Oh, and Jas wanted me to call you for dinner."

He let his arms drop, giving me a nudge towards the door, "Lets go."

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