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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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This is the third installment of Hot Trans Series.


My body has its own life when it dances to an erotic trance music the DJ is playing. The party is now on its peak and given the fact that I am now here in the dance floor, being the life of the party that I am, is making everybody in this club go crazier and wilder.

I craned my neck to the right side as I shut my eyes tight. Feeling the party vibes and the deafening screams of the people around me, I can really say that I am made for this. I am for this.

I have always believed that I am good in everything even with things I do not like. I always make sure I excel in every fields I committed myself into. And I did. I really did.

But if you're going to ask me now if I am truly happy in this perfect life of mine? I'm gonna say no. A big NO. Yeah, I have everything now, almost all my life. It's just one thing that I cannot truly achieve. Or should I say, I did not get despite all the efforts, dedication, perseverance and... love I shed for it. I just simply cannot get it.

You see, I am one ungrateful bitch. Just one thing I cannot have and I am already on the verge of breaking down. I don't know. I'm not spoiled. I am just... frustrated and broken. And tired.

The music changed and now it has become more powerful and dirty. I felt big muscled bodies behind me and I smirked seductively. I am enjoying this not because of them. I am enjoying this because for years I've always wanted to remind myself that I could do everything, I can have every men that I want. One loss is not the end of my life. Never will be.

"Rub that ass more on me, darling." A man's voice echoed behind me. Hindi ko ginawa. Hindi ako bayaran nino man. Hindi ako utusan nino man. I own this life. If you are pleasured by my doings, then good. But we are doing this in my terms.

"Come on, I can't believe I am dancing with..."

Hindi niya naipag-patuloy ang sasabihin ng humarap ako sakaniya. It was a handsome showbiz personality. I arched my brows at him but I continued dancing seductively at him. Or for whoever's watching me now. I am perfectly aware of all the cameras upstairs and I don't care.

"The great Apple Sandova." He continued. I smirked. You know how to play this one, huh?

He snaked his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I snaked my arms around his neck and slammed my showing cleavage into his chest. I saw his eyes burned with desire.

I am known for luring famous and wealthy men. I am a famous fashion icon, business woman, artist and ambassadress. I took up Architecture and graduated with latin honors in an Ivy League school. Although, I never liked Architecture, but my love for arts made me learn to love it eventually. I own my own make up brand and everyone says I have it all.

Yeah, I have it all. Because before I had all these achievements right now, I first had rejections, discriminations, criticisms, insults, failures and a broken heart. Funny how life seems to pay me everything that I have now for all the pain it gave me before. Do I really want this? Yes. Before what happened, I've wanted this kind of life. So maybe I should just make myself believe that I am happy and I deserve this.

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