Chapter 1: the one where parents bug

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Chris P.O.V

"Good morning mom,dad !!"

"Morning son" my dad said while sipping his black coffee. "Morning darling" mom said from the kitchen.

"Where is Sophia?" I asked. She is always the first between us to come down.

Mom brought tray full of pancakes and fruits. "She will be down soon."Mom answered.

I have always loved mom's cooking. She is the best cook. We had servants for every other house chores. But cooking no way. Sophia and I just love mom's cooking so much.

"Good morning mom, dad and my handsome big brother." Sophia came running downstairs.

Mom and dad wished her back.

"A very happy morning to you Sophia. Now without any more buttering tell me what do you want from me." I knew my sister too well.

"Chris you know me so well. Actually the thing is I dont want anything from you. I want you to meet someone." She said the last part nervously.

" The person better not be your boyfriend." I said looking dead serious.

Come on my little sister was just 21, okay okay 22 next month but that surely doesnt give her the permission to have a boyfriend.

"Well, yes I want you to meet my bofyfriend Ryan. He is with me in university." Sophia said.

"No way. Mom, dad you know about this Ryan guy!!?" I was hell angry because mom and dad were giving me looks that they know everything.

"Come on Chris, just meet him once. I have invited him for dinner tonight. We are dating since 6 months. Pretty pleaseeee." My sis pleaded.

"What!!! 6 months and you are telling me now....Well call the boy home. Let me see your 'boyfriend'."

Blame me but I am extremely protective about Sophia. It was like this from the day she was born.

"Thank youuuu Chris! I love youu. Bye everyone I am going to unversity." Sophia sqealed with delight.

"Love you too. Take care."

"Chris what I was telling is that now your little sister also got a boyfriend, you should get married now." Mom said knowing very well that with Sophia's thing she can blackmail me.

"Come on mom. We live in 21st cemtury and you want me to do arrange marriage. Its not gonna happen, I am telling you. And beside I want to focus on my work mom."

"Okay then Christopher Knight will you please tell me the name of your girlfriend!!" Mom seemed very angry as she used my full name.

"I dont have any girlfriend mom. Dad atleast you support me." I said hoping atleast dad would support me.

"Chris I promised your mom 25 years ago that I will support her in each and every decision." My dad said proudly.

"So Chris after two days you would be meeting a girl for your marriage discussion. Dont worry she isn't any random chic. She is the the daughter of my very good friend." Mom said

I didn't say anything. I began collecting my things for leaving to office. I was at the doorstep when I heard my mom saying loudly, " your silence would be considerd as a yes Chris."

I made irritated face. But for the first time I was thinking lets meet the girl and decide. I dont know why but yeah. I just had a feeling that maybe this girl might be the one.

With that thought I left for my company.


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