Chapter 22: the where Anna is in trouble & Chris intervenes

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Emily P.O.V

I reached home quite late. We had so much fun. Everytime I am with Chris time literally flies.

I was going in my room but saw Anna's room light on. She must be studying. To wish her goodnight I opened the door, Anna was crying.

"Hey Anna, what happened?" I asked worriedly.

"Oh Em, you came. How was the show?" She asked wiping her tears, and changing the topic.

"Anna why were you crying?"

"Oh its nothing Em." She lied.

"Is it because of any exam stress? Are you not prepared?" I asked, knowing that how seriously she took her studies.

"Yes. Actually t-tommorow I have a exam. I am little less confident." She said, but I was not fully convinced. It wasnt possible that she was not prepared.

"Oh okay. Dont worry you will do the best!" I hugged her and assured her.

As I was leaving, Anna's mobile on her study table beeped. Anna didnt heard it. To give it to her I picked the mobile, but notification read, "Have sex with me or I will make sure you fail."

Oh my god who was it? Thats why Anna was crying?! Oh god! I need to confront Anna.

"Anna what is it?" I showed her the notification.

She started crying. I hugged her tightly. God my little sister was going through this and I wasnt aware.

"Em, this guys name is Max. He is son of one of my professor. Since a week he is threatning me that if I dont have sex with him, he will manage to fail me. I dont know what to do?"

"Ok ok. Calm down. Did you talk with that professor?"

"No. Whenever I tried Max used to jump in. Professor thinks that his son is very good and kind. But I know that professor doesnt know about this. Max is this bad guy of our university."

"Okay. Tomorrow morning we will go to your university."

She nodded.

"Now go to sleep. Dont worry." I said to her.

I went to my room, changed my cloths and lied down thinking about Anna. I will need to talk to the principal and show to her notice what is happening in university.

Just then Chris messaged me.

Chris: Still awake?

Me: Yes.

Then Chris face timed me.

"Hey when we were together you were so sleepy?" Chris asked me.

"Yeah but something happened when I came home."

"What is it?"

"Its about Anna."

"What happened to her?" He asked worriedly.

"This is a guy named Max who is blackmailing Anna that if she doesnt have sex with him, he will manage to fail her as he is son of one of the professor."

"Oh my god! Is she okay? What are you gonna do?"

"I am going to her university tomorrow. She was crying when I came in her room."

"Oh god. Do you want me to come with you? At what time you are going tell me."

"No Chris its alright. I can handle it alone."

"Emily, I can come really. Its no biggie."

"Chris it is okay. I can manage. I will call you tomorrow once it is finished. Good night."

"Fine. Good night. Take care."

Next day morning Anna and I went to her university. The assisstant to principal told us we can go inside. Anna was really worried. When we entered we saw Mr. Thomas (principal) and one more gentleman was sitting showing back to us. He seemed very familier. Oh god it was Chris. I knew it he would do such thing.

"Good morning Ms. Collins!" Mr. Thomas said.

"Morning Mr. Thomas." I said.

Chris turned towards us. Anna gasped seeing him but I knew it was him so I gave him a fake smile.

"Ms. Collins we are extremely sorry that Max did this with your sister. Mr. Knight here told me everything and requested that we restricate Max from our university. And for you to know Mr. Perry father of Max and also one our professor has been sorry for his son's behaviour."

"Thank you so much Mr. Thomas. Actually I was here for the same. But I see Mr. Knight has already done the deed." I again gave a fake smile.

"Anna dear you can go and resume your classes now. Dont worry you are a very hardworking student. Go." Mr. Thomas said.

I smiled and gestured Anna to proceed.

"I shall take you leave sir. " I said.

"Good bye Ms. Collins."

"I will also leave M. Thomas." Said Chris.

I left the building hurridly. Chris was continuosly calling my name but I paid no heed.

"Emily" Chris grabbed my hand and turned me towards him.

"Whats going on?"

"Chris I clearly told you yesterday that I can handle this matter on my own. Then why you had to come and do all of this?"

"Because I care for you, I care for Anna. Whats the problem in that?" He sounded frustrated.

"Chris when I said I can manage, I can manage. I dont need your help 24/7. I am capable enough. Can't you get that?"

"Look I am sorry for what you must have felt. But I only did it for Anna."

"Okay Chris. You have done what you wanted. Thank you very much."

I left.

I dont like when men think that women are not capable enough to do such things. Call me feminists. But I do think that way. And thats why I busted on Chris. I know what I said may have hurt him but what was the need for him to come here and interfere?!

Hey guys. Hope you like the chapter.


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