Chapter 10: the one where Chris snaps at Sophia

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Chris P.O.V

I just loved it when she initiated the kiss. Honestly I was not planning to kiss her today but all rubbish things she was saying, I had to stop her so what better way of stopping, I kissed her. We kissed slowly and passionately.

But I have to do something about Liam guy. He has hurt Emily way too bad. She cried so much because of his memories that still haunts her. But I should wait till Emily tells me everything.

Next day I woke up with lots of work in my mind. I had two back to back important meetings. Yesterday night mom and dad went to Hawaii for few days. So it was just Sophia and I in house.

I quickly bathed, dressed up and headed downstairs for breakfast. I saw Sophia already eating.

"Good morning Chris" Sophia said cheerily.

"Morning" I replied.

"Rebecca please serve me breakfast." I said.

Rebecca was you can say proxy cook in house. Whenever mom was out or ill she used to cook for us. She too cooks amazing but not much as mom.

I was recalling about meetings, all paperwork needed to be done. These two meetings are really important for my company.

"So Chris how was your movie date?"
Sophia spoke.

The words movie date came from her mouth and face of that bastard Liam came in front of my face. I clenched my teeth in anger.

"Sophia if you are done eating you may leave for college." I snapped at her.

"What happened Chris, everything alright?"

"Cant you understand simple English?" I again snapped at her.

"I just asked you a simple question. But if you want to snap at me for no reason then fine, I am leaving. My college is till 3. So dont bother me till then." Sophia too snapped at me and left.

Afterall she is my sister!!

I felt guilty about snapping at her. I made a mental note to pick her up at 3.

I quickly had my breakfast and went to company.

It was 1:00 and I was really happy as both the meetings went really well. I was about to order for my lunch when my P.A Mrs. Jones entered my cabin.

"Sir, Emily Collins is there outside. Should I let her in?" She asked.

"Yes Mrs Jones. Let her in and next time she comes no need to ask me. Just let her in, okay?"

Mrs Jones nodded and left.

Then Emily entered with a bright smile on her face. I got up with a smile and went on to hug her. She too hugged me back.

"Come sit." I said.

"Actually I wanted to surprise you for lunch but when I was about to enter you PA stopped me and had a word with you and it got spoiled." Emily said with a sad puppy face.

"But I even loved the fact that you want to have lunch with me." I said.

"Oh yes. Should we go out or order here like is it allowed?" she asked.

I chuckled at her.

"I am the boss sweetheart."

"Oh yeah I forgot" She laughed. " So I will order pizza is that okay with you?"

"Sure. Till you order I will just check my mails." I said.

"Typical workaholic" She chuckled.

I smirked.

"Well it is not that I hate grand settings or something but I want my partner to do small things for me. Suppose me wanting a fork to eat so without even saying he should hand me the fork. These little things are more romantic to me." Emily said.

We were in a middle of a conversation.

"So you want me to become a mind reader huh?" I smirked at her.

"Well I would really love." She said with a equal smirk.

"Come on I will drop you to your company. Anyways I am going to pick Sophia." I said while getting my mobile and keys.

"No no  I have brought my car. I can go. Btw you pick your sister from college? Come on she is a big girl."

"Noo it is just today. Actually in morning I snapped at her pretty badly. So I want to make it up for her."
I admitted.

She nodded.

We left my cabin. All my employees were giving me unusual stares. Ofcourse they didnt get chance to see me with females often except for colleages. But they umderstood that Emily is not my colleage as I was smiling and laughing at her.

"I wish you best luck for your mission Sophia." Emily said

"Thanks I needed that."

We bid bye to each other.

I was waiting for Sophia at her college. There I saw her coming towards the gate with Ryan. But Ryan went to another direction and she was coming towards me as I parked my car just beside hers.

"What are you doing here?" She asked angrily.

"I am sorry Soph. See I got you your favourite Tulips. Please forgive me!"

"You know it is not working."She said rolling her eyes.

"Okay come sit  in car. I will drop u home and tell you the whole story okay?"

"Fine." She muttered.

I told her what happened yesterday. She was shocked to here that Emily was so scared about Liam.By the time we reached home.

"Dont worry Chris. Emily will soon trust you enough to tell you about that guy. And I forgive you. Thanks for the flowers . Love you bye." She gave me kiss on cheek.

"Thank god you forgave me. Love you too." I gave her a peck on forehead.

I drove back to my company.

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