Chapter 9: the one where their dates gets partially spoiled

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Emily P.O.V

We reached the movies quite late due to NYC traffic as you know. I was about to get down but Chris stopped me. He got out, came to my side, opened my door and extended his hand towards me. Gentlemen much.

I smiled and gave my hand in his. He pulled me towards him and wrapped his hand around my waist.

I looked at him expecting him to say something about all this but all he said was, "Lets go."

"So now tell me which movie you wanna watch?"

"How about Five Feet Apart?"

"Perfect. I will just come with the tickets and some popcorn and coke!" He said with excitement all over his face.

I was waiting for him when suddenly someone appeared in front of me whom I wanted to forget. My ex boyfriend. He smirked at me and put his hand forward for handshake.

"Hey Emily. Long time huh?" Liam said.

I couldn't utter a word. I was shocked, terrified. I just wanted to run away. I wanted to erase every memory of his.

Chris smiling came towards me with tickets and popcorn in his hands. He was too puzzled to see a guy infront of me.

"Who is he Emily?" Chris in a questioning way looked towards me.

I looked at Chris but couldn't say a word.

"I am Liam. Emily and I dated when we were in college." Liam spoke.

"Ohh. I am Christopher Knight, oops I am sorry ofcourse you would know me. I am in news everyday for my good work. Btw Emily and I are on date today. So if you will please excuse me!" Chris said jealousy all over his face.

I surprisingly was happy seeing a jealous Chris.

We went from there. Chris possesively wrapped his hand on my waist. We were about to enter theatre, when I stopped Chris.

"Chris I am not feeling good here. Can we go to park opposite?" I wanted to get out from here as Liam was there too.

"Okay Emily. If you want we can go to hospital you are not feeling good?!"

"No no just will go to park."

"Fine. Lets go."

At park:

We sat down on a bench at the corner. Park was not crowded much and I was thankful for that. Otherwise people would have enjoyed my cry show.

"Is it because of Liam, Emily?" Chris calmy asked me.

I looked at him with tears rolling down my cheeks. He understood me.

"Yes." I admitted.

"You wanna talk about it?"

I nodded a no.

"Come here." Chris opened his arms for me.

I without thinking twice went in his arms. It felt so right. I was feeling so protected in his arms. I cried I don't know for how much time. But whole time Chris kept soothing me, rubbing his hand over my hair.

"I am soo sorry. I didnt know how much time passed." I said feeling embarrased.

"Its okay. Are you feeling good?" He asked softly.

How can this guy manage to be so composed. I literally spoiled our date because of my ex boyfriend. That is the opposite of anything a girl should do on her date.

"Thankyou Chris. You must be thinking what kind of girl is she. Coming with so much package first Mr Reeves then Liam. Because of me our date got spoiled. I really didn't know what happened when I saw Liam after so many years. He has given me so many bad memories. Even if I try so much I can't forget him. Oh god, now you must me be thinking that this girl speaks so much. I....."
I was stopped I couldnt believe Chris was kissing me, I was hesitant at first but I kissed him back.

I guess I needed that. He was the one to break the kiss. All through the kiss I didnt notice my heart was beating so fast. The kiss felt so different.

He touched my forehead with his and said " Next time you speak any rubbish things I am going to kiss you. You get that?"

I nodded like a obedient child but with a little blush.

"I am hungry." I said out of nowhere.

"Alright. Its dinner then."

We got up to move towards his car and what I did surprised me too. I interwined our hands. Chris was also shocked seeing this gesture. But I was pretty confident about it.

We were having dinner in a fine dine restaurant.

"You remember, you asked me qualities I would like to have in my husband. So tell me qualities you wish to like in your life partner?" I asked wanting to know it since long.

"Nothing in particular. But she should be super honest and love me just the way I am."

I smiled.

We talked about random things. One thing I liked about us was that we could talk on any topic. Now it wasn't awkward anymore.

He dropped me home. He also got down with me.

"So movie date turned into dinner date. But I liked it anyways." Chris said.

I smiled and nodded.

"So Emily I should leave now."

I was contemplating should I do or not?

He turned to leave. Suddenly I called him "Chris"


I kissed him. Actually I wanted to give a peck. But he kissed me back. I broke the kiss. "Sorry it was just...." I was lil emabrrased.

"Shushh. I loved it!"

I blushed and ran inside.

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