Chapter 11:the one where Emily meets Adam, Jess and Bella

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Emily's P.O.V

I changed my work clothes into comfy pajamas. Just then my phone rang. It was Chris and unknowingly my lips turned upwards.

"Hey Emily!! Whats up?" He sounded happy.

"I assume Sophia forgave you." I said.

"Well yes. She did forgive me. Without your wishes it wouldn't have been possible. You know talking with you really really helped...." Chris started talking very dramatically.

"Stop it okay. Now tell me the real reason you called me." I chuckled.

"I want to ask that can we meet for ice cream right now?" Chris asked

"Right now!!!! I am in PJs Chris." I pouted.

"Thats good. I can see how you look in PJs. Trust me sweetheart you will look good in PJs too." Chris said.

Hearing that endearment and compliment I blushed.

"Okay, but I need 2 ice creams."

" Oh okay madam, your wish my command. I will be there in 10." said Chris.

On time he came to pick me up. I told Anna that I am going with Chris for ice cream since she was the only awake right now in house.

"Heyy!" I said and sat in car.

"Hi. See I told you right you look amazing!" Chris said.

"Thanks but start the car." I blushed.

Just then his phone rang.

"Hey dude. What happened? Okay I will be there in 15." Chris hung up.

"Who was there?" I asked out of curiousity.

"Adam my best friend. His daughter Bella is crying as she apparantly wants to meet me right now. Is it okay if we visit her and then go to ice cream parlour?" He asked.

"Sure no problem." I said.

We reached Adam's house in no time. Chris rang the doorbell. A pretty lady maybe in her early 30s opened the door.

"Who do we have here?" She asked surprised seeing me.

"Hey Jessica. This is Emily. Remember I told you about a few days back." said Chris.

I smiled at her and said "Hi Jessica."

"Hi I am Adams wife. So nice to meet you Emily." She took me in a hug.

We went inside the house and I presume Adam was playing with Bella in his arms.

"Adam look we have Emily here." Jessica said excitedly.

Adam gave Bella to Jessica and came towards me.

"Hey I am Adam. This idiots best friend!" He also took me in a hug.

I guess this is family of huggers.

Suddenly Chris's voice startled me. When I looked at his direction I was shocked by the scene unfolding in front of me.

"Hey baby girl! You missed me?" Chris asked Bella in his arms in baby voice.

She nodded yes.

"Oh baby girl. I missed you too. I can come back tomorrow to meet you only if you listnen to your mommy right now?"

She nodded yes again and smiled sweetly at him.

Chris started kissing her cheeks, forehead, all over her face. Bella was loving it as she was giggling whole the time.

Jessica took Bella to her room and made her sleep. Jessica came down in no time that means Bella listned to Chris really.

"So Chris when I called you guys were on Pajama date or what?" Adam joked

"Noo actually we were going to get ice cream for us." Chris said.

"Oh we do have ice cream here. Why dont we have ice cream party right now in the house. Unless you guys need some privacy!" Jessica was also teasing us.

"Its alright. We can have ice cream party here." I said, how sweetly she asked how can I say no. "Right Chris?" I added.

"Yeah" Chris said but his face said otherwise.

"You are whipped man." Adam laughed.

And I ofcourse blushed.

"Shut up Adam. You were the same or I should say even more whipped when you met Jessica." Chris fired back.

Wait what? What is that supposed to mean? That he plans on marrying him? Means he likes me?

We had our ice creams. I got to know about Adam and Jess cliche love story. After eating ice cream we bid adieu to them. I really liked them both.

"I am sorry without asking you I agreed to Jess." I said.

"Its okay. You dont have to sorry for that. It is just that I wanted to talk to you about something."

"Ohh so now tell me." I said..

"Not like this. Coming friday I would like you to take on a date. Will you come with me?" He asked while forwarding his hand towards me.

I placed my hand in his and said "Sure."

He kissed my hand.

By then we reached my house. He got down first as usual. He opened my side of door, forwarded his hand. I placed my hand and came out.

"Good night Chris." I started to leave. But I was pulled back by Chris and I knew it was going to happen.

He hugged me tightly and I too hugged him back. He pulled away and kissed my forehead. It was more romantic than an actual kiss.

"Now it is goodnight Emily." Chris said.

I chuckled and left.

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