Chapter 14: the one where Chris meets with accident

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Emily's P.O.V

It was few days after the incident, Christopher really did give me time. He didnt tried to contact me. And I was really grateful for that.

In these days, I thought about what Christopher said that day. He sounded honest when he explained me the whole situation. I think I should meet him and tell him that I like him too.

My phone rang and brought me back to the present,

"Hey is this Emily Collins?"
The lady asked from the other end.

"Yes. Who I am speaking to?"
I asked.

"This is Sophia. Christopher's younger sister."

"Oh Sophia! How are you?" Why was she calling me? Is everything okay?

"Dont freak out, Emily. Chris got into accident. He is hit by truck. The truck driver was drunk. Can you just come to Lenox Hill Hospital?"

Tears were flowing down my cheeks. I coudnt think of anything for a moment.

"Yes. I will be there in 10."

I spotted Sophia sitting on bench. I quickly ran towards her.

When she looked at me, she hugged me tightly. I can understand what she must be going through with the fact that Chris and her are so close.

"Hey its okay. Nothing will happen to Christopher. He is very strong. Stop crying. Where is Mr and Mrs Knight?"

"They are in Australia. They have taken off." Sophia said in between of her sobs.

"Okay. What did the doctors say?" I asked.

"Since 45 mins doctors are in the O.T. They said he is critical."

This time I coudnt controll myself. I started crying too.

"You know few days back when you guys decided not to meet each other for few days, Chris was a mess. He really likes you Emily. And that Georgia is bitch. She finds happiness in troubling people especially Chris. Since that day I havent seen him smile also." Sophia said which literally shook me.

"I am really sorry Sophia. I didnt trust him that day. Because of that he suffered so much."

"Its not your fault Emily. Its okay."

Just then Doctor came out from O.T

"Mr. Knight is out of danger now. You can meet him one by one. He has gained consciousness."

"Thankyou so much Doctor." Sophia and I said in unison.

Doctor smiled and left.

"Sophia you should meet him first." I said.

She nodded and went in.

Chris's P.O.V

When I opened my eyes, celing was white, curtains were blue, everything unkown. I was laying with tubes attached me. I remembered truck hitting me. Holy shit! What happened after that? Mom, dad, Sophia , Emily!!

Just then door opened, Sophia came in.

"Chris!!" She started crying. I couldn't move to hug her otherwise I would have hugged her so tightly. It is just that I cant see tears in her eyes.

"Hey come here!" I said.

She came and sat beside me.

"How are you feeling Chris? You know  when I got the phone call about your accident, I got so scared. Mom and dad are also not here. I promise I will be a good sister to you. I wont demand any stupid things. But just dont leave me like this."

"Slow down Soph. I am absolutely alright. And you are the best sister anyone could ever have. If you dont demand stupid things you dont have any right to be my sister okay?" I jokingly warn her.

She smiled. Thank god.

"I love you Chris. I will let Emily in. She is here since your operation started."

"Okay, love you too."

Sophia went out. Emily entered.

She wore blue skinny jeans with pink crop top. I was serious when I said she looks beautiful in anything.



"How are you Chris. I am really sorry for what happened that day. I should have trusted you. But I didnt. I really like you very much Chris. And I am ready to give this a shot!"

"Ohh Emily.. First of all stop crying. I am fine."
I took her hand in mine and said, " I messed up bad. Any girl would do what you did. But thank you very much for giving me one more chance. Now lets forget what happened and start fresh."

"Yes. You know when Sophia told me about your accident, I thought I lost you and I couldnt even say sorry to you." She said while crying.

"Emily.. Stop crying sweetheart. I am not going anywhere leaving you. I am here with you always."

She blushed hearing that and I finally felt good.

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